The best 3-Player Games On GamePigeon

GamePigeon mostly features 2-person games, with some of the most popular being Gomoku, Sea Battle, 8-Ball, Poker, and Anagrams. But did you know that there are some 3-person games on GamePigeon?

If you want to play a game via text with more than one friend, this list of  games for more than two players on GamePigeon will come in handy. It is worth noting that all of you will need a working internet connection in order to play the games seamlessly.

Best 3-player games on GamePigeon

Here’s a list of the best GamePigeon games for three players that you and your friends will enjoy playing.

1. Crazy 8

Crazy 8 on GamePigeon

Crazy 8 is a card game that can be played with upto four players. It was the first game to be released by GamePigeon that can accommodate more than two players.

The game is interesting game for players who enjoy suspense and playing in a fast-paced environment. Players can apply the same real-life card game rules to beat their opponents in the game.

The players are required to lose all their eight cards. As simple as this sounds, the game has many twists and turns, which make it more interesting and wild.

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2. 20 Questions

20 questions on GamePigeon

20 Questions was initially a 2-player game but was later upgraded by GamePigeon to a three-player game. As the name suggests, the game involves answering 20 questions through critical thinking.

The game rules are as follows: the player who sent the game has to think of an object and type it in a separate text field. The other players are then required to ask yes or no questions, to which the sender must reply with a yes, no, or sometimes.

Finally, if the player guesses the correct object, the sender responds, “You’ve Guessed It!”

The game’s goal is to correctly guess the object by asking 20 questions. Furthermore, the game has no limit to what the object is, and thus you make it as interesting as you want.

The object will be revealed if the guessers do not get the object right with 20 questions.

Final words

Unfortunaly, there aren’t many 3-player iMessage games on GamePigeon aside from those we’ve mentioned here.

If you are bored and wish to play with two of your friends, Crazy 8’s and 20 questions should keep you entertained. So, install the app and explore the games that will keep your creativity and skills tested.