Where are the wisp essences in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

You can purchase Wisp essence from Barnabus in Val Royeaux. Barnabus is an Orlesian merchant who sells accessories and other valuables from a stall in the Summer Bazaar.

It is important to note that wisp essences for purchase will randomly appear. You have to keep checking and wait for your lucky break. 

Note that you need the Short List Inquisition Perk to make the purchases. This requires five points in the same category. Special offers are opened from the available merchants. 

Where do you get the last wisp essence?

The last wisp essence always proves difficult to spot and acquire. Most players always possess two wisp essences, while the third and final blocks their progress. There are a few possible explanations as to why this might be happening. 

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The most common reason is traveling to the wrong spot on the map. Wisp essences can only be acquired from specific places designated on the map. Ensure you make your way to the correct location. 

You should also try reloading all three areas and visiting them afresh. You can start with Fallow mires, one of the places that randomly hosts more than one wisp.

Fallow Mire map in Dragon Age

Why is the wisp essence not dropping?

Wisp essence may not drop because of a game glitch or an inaccurate map. While there is not much you can do about the glitch, you can locate the correct locations on your map.

There are three guaranteed spawn places in The Fallow Mire for pure wisps. These places drop the Wisp Essences when the Knight Enchanter specialization quest is enabled. They will spawn alongside a squad of common Wraiths. They can be found in the following places: 

  • Granite Point.
  • Weeping Spires.
  • Old Thoroughfare. 

The Knight Enchanter essentially transforms you into a melee wizard. Dragons and red templars will be much easier to defeat with an extremely potent magical blade that can cut through defenses and armor. 

The best part is that it makes your mage an unbeatable melee attacker and is best for direct damage. Wisp essences are needed for the Way of the Knight Enchanter quest. 

Another way to get hold of wisp essences is by searching near windmills at the weeping Spires. This can be done from the Fallow Mire. The wisp essence will drop at this point. 

Location of wisp essence in Dragon Age: Inquisition

You can obtain three wisp essences before completing the prologue. If you know when you begin a new game that you want to become a Knight Enchanter, this should give you a start. 

Pure wisps can be encountered if you choose the mountain path option. In Fallow Mire, any wraith is supposed to release the wisp essence. It is still difficult to obtain any without trying a few times. 

Instead, as many other players have noted, they appear to have a one hundred percent drop rate from Pure Wraiths. Before you even complete the prologue, you can obtain three wisp essences when you begin a new game. There are pure wisps to fend off if you choose the mountain path option.