Jodi’s schedule in Stardew Valley: Where is she during the day?

Jodi is one of the main characters in Stardew. She is a family woman with set routines and a taste for finer things. Jodi’s location is revealed quite early in the game. She lives in Pelican Town, and her address is 1 Willow Lane. Pelican town is where most villagers in Stardew live, socialize and work. The town is big enough to give you enough time to explore.

Your farm will be located at the Northwest entrance of the town. The entrance connects the bus stop with the farm. If you want to know where to find Jodi in Stardew Valley, look no further than this town.

Jodi’s house on 1 Willow Lane can easily be identified. It sits next to Pelican Town’s Southwest Passage. You will know the place if you have been playing the game long enough.  The compound is next to Emily and Haley’s house.

1 Willow Lane Jodi's home
1 Willow Lane on the map

The house’s interior has multiple bedrooms, with players sharing the space. Jodi shares a bedroom with Kent at the back of the house near the kitchen. Interestingly enough, the larger bedroom belongs to Sam. This is no surprise, as Sam is one of those hidden gems in the game.

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Who is Jodi married to Stardew?

Jodi in Stardew Valley is married to Kent. The two live together at 1 Willow Lane. I know you might wonder why you have never seen her husband.

At the beginning of the game, Kent is away serving in the military. He will later be reunited with Jodi during the spring of year two. Be prepared for some interesting conversations as Kent returns. The first dialogue between the two is intense, with Kent acknowledging he might not be the same as before.

Kent in Stardew Valley

Jodi and Kent have two children, Sam and Vincent. While Kent is still away, a few references are made about him. The first reference is made when assessing the contents of the drawer in Jodi’s room. Another reference is made in a dialogue between Sam and Vincent.

Jodi’s schedule in Stardew Valley

Jodi’s schedule in the game takes a while to open up fully. Ginger Island is where Jodi spends a significant amount of time. Her favorite spot on the island is the beach resort.

To quickly unlock this destination, you need to achieve a few things. First complete repairs on the Island Farmhouse. After the house is repaired, the ruins can be rebuilt into a beach resort. Building the resort will cost you 20 Golden Walnuts. Jodi, however, does not visit the resort on Holidays. Check-up days at Harvey’s clinic also mean that Jodi will stay away from the resort.

Jodi also has to take care of her children. Vincent has regularly scheduled checkup days. The check-up days are spent in the clinic and away from her favorite resort.

After leaving the resort, Jodi travels home and immediately goes to bed. The resort opens up at 8:00 am and usually closes at 6 pm. Jodie typically spends her resort days there up to 6 pm. The weather also greatly impacts Jodi’s schedule.

Her daily routine will include time in the kitchen, at Times Square, and putting Vincent to bed. This routine is the same within all-weather seasons.

Here’s a breakdown of the routine every day of the week, all seasons. The routine stays the same unless there’s something such as rain which may deviate it:

Jodi’s schedule on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays

9:00 AM She’s in her kitchen.
11:30 AM She sits in the living room.
1:30 PM Leaves the house and heads to Town Square.
4:00 PM She Leaves Town Square and heads back home.
4:30 PM She’s in her kitchen.
7:30 PM She’s in her living room
9:00 PM She puts Vincent to bed
10:00 PM She heads to bed

Jodi’s schedule on Tuesdays

9:00 AM She’s in her kitchen.
10:10 AM She leaves her home and walks to Pierre’s General Store.
11:00 AM You’ll find her at Pierre’s General Store.
1:00 PM She’s with Robin, Marnie, Emily, and Caroline at Pierre’s.
6:20 PM Leaves Pierre’s and heads back home.
7:10 PM She reaches her house.
9:10 PM She puts Vincent to bed.
10:00 PM She heads to bed.

Jodi’s schedule on Wednesdays and Fridays

9:00 AM She’s in the kitchen.
11:00 AM She goes to JojaMart.
12:50 PM She arrives at JojaMart and heads inside.
5:00 PM Jodi leaves JojaMart and heads back to her house.
6:30 PM She arrives home.
9:00 PM She proceeds to put Vincent to bed.
10:00 PM She heads to bed.

Jodi’s schedule on Sundays

9:00 AM She’s at home in the kitchen.
10:00 AM She leaves home and goes to Pierre’s General Store.
11:00 AM She goes into the Chapel in the back of Pierre’s store.
4:00 PM Walks home after leaving Pierre’s General Store.
5:00 PM She arrives home.

So, where is Jodi when it is raining? Jodi will do the previous schedule when it is raining. This means that her current schedule will override the rest of the tasks.

What gifts does Jodi like Stardew Valley?

Jodi has a few gifts that will get her excited. The gifts can be acquired at different places. Some of her favorites include Chocolate cake and Crispy bass. Diamonds will also interest Jodi. The full list of gifts includes:

  • Eggplant
  • Parmesan
  • Fried Eel
  • Pancakes
  • Rhubarb Pie
  • Vegetable Medley.

These gifts can be purchased at different locations. Chocolate cake can be prepared in the kitchen inside an upgraded farmhouse. Diamonds can be obtained from diamond nodes in mines on floor 50 plus.

Vegetable medley can also be prepared in the kitchen with a cookout kit. Some of these gifts can also be found on Krobus Shop on Saturdays. It is safe to say that Jodi is generally impressed by different cuisines.