Why is the Desert Scourge not spawning in Calamity Mod?

One of the most popular mods on Terraria is the Calamity Mod. The mod expands the number of bosses that can be challenged throughout the game. 

Bosses can be regarded as resilient enemies that offer challenges to players. Defeating bosses requires strategy and energy. Desert Scourge is an example of a tough boss available for battle in Calamity Mode.

Why Desert Scourge is not spanning

Desert Scourge will likely spawn like any other calamity mod boss.  But if it doesn’t spawn, then this is an indication that you haven’t made progress in the game.  

The Desert Scourge is designed to be one of the first bosses to be battled in calamity mode. The scourge will spawn by itself. It is considered to be one of the weakest enemies on the mode.  

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To spawn this scourge, battle King Slime first. Once you defeat King Slime, the Desert Scourge will automatically spawn. This will happen before you eventually challenge the Eye of Cthulhu. 

How to spawn calamity bosses

Terraria calamity

Most calamity bosses will spawn automatically after certain milestones are achieved. However, there are a few ways the bosses can be triggered to spawn.

Through summoning

Summoning items are distributed all across calamity modes. Once players collect the summoning items the bosses will be unlocked and can be battled.  

For instance, to summon a Desert Scourge, players need to collect desert medallions found in the deserts. 

Another popular and challenging boss that can be summoned is the Aquatic Scourge. This scourge is summoned by collecting seafood. 

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In advanced levels of the calamity mod, bosses have tougher prerequisites to spawn. At these levels, you will find most Calamity bosses are not spawning. 

This is because players at these levels require to complete rigorous training to face the bosses. Players will also be required to defeat each boss before the next one can spawn. 

Completing quests

The Desert Scourge is summoned by the desert medallion at the Underground desert only. In case the Desert Scourge is not dropping items visit Angler and complete his quests. 

After completing his quest, the desert scourge items will be dropped. The loot will spawn at the nearest space. The only items which the desert scourge will not drop randomly are Sand Block and Hearts. 

These items will be dropped at the player’s head. Also, check out for de-spawn messages to know whether there are mods preventing spawning.