How to get infinite water in Terraria

image of How to get infinite water Terraria

Considering the immense value of water in Terraria, there’ll be much to benefit from its infinite supply. This article will take you through a step-by-step guide to getting infinite water in Terraria so that you don’t miss out. Continue reading to learn more. Getting infinite water in Terraria The different ways to get infinite water … Read more

Terraria Calamity bosses list: Who is the strongest boss?

Terraria calamity

In Terraria Calamity mod, bosses are hard to deal with. Unfortunately, they’re inevitable if you want to advance the game. We will break down the Terraria calamity bosses list to help you understand how many you’ll have to deal with, their strengths, weaknesses, summoning items, and the benefits of defeating them. What is the order … Read more

How to make grass grow in Terraria

grass in Terraria

The grass is the most dominant vegetation on the above-ground landscape in Terraria. It also enables other plants to grow in the game. You need to plant grass for it to grow. So, how can you make grass grow in Terraria? First, you need to get the seeds, then find the ideal environment for growing … Read more

How to get fishing rods in Terraria

fishing rods in Terraria

Fishing rods in Terraria are used together with bait for fishing. There are 9 different types of fishing rods in the game.  You can either craft, buy, or use an NPC to get a fishing pole. Other ways include collecting rods dropped by enemies and finding those in chests or crates. In this article, we … Read more

How to get the Mushroom NPC in Terraria

Truffle mushroom in Terraria

The mushroom man is an NPC in Terraria. NPCs (Non-player characters) play very pivotal roles in Terraria.  As such, it’s important to know how, where, and when to get them. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get the mushroom man in Terraria and everything else about the character. Who is the Mushroom NPC in … Read more

What order should I fight bosses in Terraria?


To make progress in Terraria, you have to fight bosses. Everything that you do in the game will lead you to a fight with the boss on that level. But if you haven’t progressed much in the game, you might be wondering about the order in which to fight bosses in Terraria. So, who comes … Read more