How to get fishing rods in Terraria

Fishing rods in Terraria are used together with bait for fishing. There are 9 different types of fishing rods in the game. 

You can either craft, buy, or use an NPC to get a fishing pole. Other ways include collecting rods dropped by enemies and finding those in chests or crates.

In this article, we will cover all these methods and how you can implement them to get fishing poles.

How do fishing rods spawn?

Here’s the number of fishing rods you can get through each method:

  • Crafting – 4 fishing rods.
  • Buying or getting them as gifts from NPCs – 4 fishing rods.
  • Searching chests and crates – 2 fishing rods.
  • Dropped by enemies – 1 fishing rod.

From these numbers, you get a total of 11 fishing rods that are currently available in Terraria.

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Craftable fishing rods

Here is a look into the different types of fishing rods you can craft in Terraria:

1. Wood fishing rod

This is a simple fishing rod that’s ideal for starters. You only need 8 wood to craft it on a workbench. The wood comes from cutting trees.

Its 5% fishing power is the lowest out of all the fishing rods. If you decide to sell this wooden fishing rod, you’ll only fetch 60 copper.

2. Reinforced fishing rod

Next, is a supported fishing rod with a fishing power of 15%. It’s crafted by putting 8 iron/lead bars at an iron or lead anvil. Both materials are mined underground. You’ll have to heat 24 iron ore to produce 8 iron bars.

As for the anvil, you can craft it using 5 iron or lead bars at a workbench or purchase for the merchant NPC.

The selling price for this fishing rod is 24 silver.

3. Fisher of souls

Number three on the list is the fisher of souls fishing rod. It features a 20% fishing power and requires 8 demonite bars to craft it at an anvil.

The demonite bars come from the demonite ore found in a corruption/defilement biome. Also, if you beat the eye of the chthulu it drops demonite ore. You’ll have to collect 24 demonite ore and heat it to produce 8 demonite bars.

This fishing road can fetch you a total of 2 gold and 40 silver when you decide to sell.

4. Fleshcatcher

Wrapping up the craftable fishing rods is the Fleshcatcher. With a fishing power of 22%. It’s made using 8 Crimtane bars at an Anvil crafting station.

Just like a demonite ore, you can get the Crimtane ore used to make Crimtone bars by beating the eye of a Cthulhu. The other option is to mine underground in a Crimson biome. Once you collect 24 Crimtane ore, use it to craft the 8 Crimtane bars.

After all that effort, you can sell the Fleshcatcher fishing rod for 3 gold 12 silver coins.

Enemy drop fishing rod

Here, you will get:

Chum caster fishing rod

At 25% fishing power, the Chum Caster fishing rod is a result of enemy drops. Specifically Eye Fish and Zombie Merman. They appear a lot during the Blood Moon Event.

If you sell you’ll end up 2 gold coins richer.

Chests and crates

Fishing rods you can only find in chests include:

1. Scarab fishing rod

This fishing rod is quite unique. To start with, you can only find it in a mirage or oasis crate. Now, to find the oasis crate, you must go fishing in the oasis mini-biome, while the mirage crate only exists in the hardmode.

The other outstanding aspect of this rod is that it features 30% fishing power on desktop and 25% on mobile.

The selling price for this fishing rod is 2 gold coins.

2. Fiberglass fishing rod

This is regarded as the best fishing rod to use for pre-hardmode fishing. Now, how do you get a Fiberglass fishing rod in Terraria? It’s simple. First, just search jungle crates, jungle shrines, and living mahogany trees.

You’ll find the jungle crates when you go fishing in the jungle. On the other hand, the living mahogany trees and jungle shrines exist underground in the jungle biome. It’s easy to notice the jungle shrine because it features gold bricks and a green torch.

With a 30% fishing power and selling price of 1 gold coin, this fishing rod offers great value to a player.

Bought fishing rods

These rods are available for sale:

1. Mechanic’s rod

To get this fishing rod, you must do the following:

  • Defeat the Skeletron.
  • Enter the dungeon to find the Mechanic NPC.
  • Pay the Mechanic NPC 20 gold coins for the fishing rod.

For the purchase to be successful, the Angler must be living in your village, or the moon should be at a specific stage.

Its fishing power on the desktop is 35% while mobile stands at 30%.

2. Sitting duck’s fishing rod

35 gold coins are all you need to buy this 40% fishing power fishing rod from a traveling Merchant NPC. However, you must beat the Skeltron boss first, then get to the traveling Merchant NPC and hope they have the Sitting Duck’s fishing rod.

When you decide to sell, the price drops 5 times to 7 gold coins.

Quest reward fishing rods

After completing quests, you can get any of these rods:

1. Hotline fishing rod

The only way to get this fishing rod is to complete the daily Angler NPC quests—25 to be exact. The chances of the Angler releasing the rod are 1/75, and the game must be in hardmode. That is after you defeat the wall of flesh.

Fortunately, it comes with benefits like the 45% fishing power and the ability to fish in lava by default.

You can sell it for 10 gold.

2. Golden fishing rod

Finally, here is the best fishing rod in Terraria. It features the highest fishing power of 50%. You can only get it as an Angler reward after finishing 30 to 75 quests. Still, the chance of it being dropped is as slim as 1/250.

The sale value for the golden fishing rod is 20 gold coins.

What is the best craftable fishing rod in Terraria?

From our guide above, the best craftable fishing rod in Terraria is Fleshcatcher since it has the highest fishing power (22%) out of the four.

How do you make a good fishing rod in Terraria?

It’s as simple as getting quality materials and combining them accordingly.

With your fishing rods in Terraria hand, you can now start fishing resources purposefully. We hope you’ll succeed and advance in the game. If you have any questions, share them with us in the comment section. We’ll be more than happy to clarify.