How to make grass grow in Terraria

The grass is the most dominant vegetation on the above-ground landscape in Terraria. It also enables other plants to grow in the game. You need to plant grass for it to grow.

So, how can you make grass grow in Terraria? First, you need to get the seeds, then find the ideal environment for growing them. That is not all. You have to keep in mind various things, as we’ll explain here.

How do you make grass in Terraria?

First, you can get grass in Terraria in two ways:

  • Naturally
  • Growing it in either pre-hardmode or hardmode world

You will need the grass seeds/Staff of Regrowth, soil, and an ideal environment to plant when growing grass. You will get the seeds from Dryads at 20 copper coins each when the blood moon isn’t taking place. The Staff of Regrowth is available in jungle chests.

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The two serve a similar function, but the Staff of Growth is free and has unlimited uses. Also, it can make grass grow faster in Terraria. You should note that Dryads appear after you defeat your first boss in Terraria, and you have a vacant room for her to move into.

The other factors vary from one grass to the next. We’ll look at the different types of grass in Terraria and their specific growth requirements.

Types of grass in Terraria

There are six varieties of grass you’ll come across in Terraria. These are:

1. Normal grass

Normal grass in Terraria

Normal grass grows naturally above ground and spreads over dirt blocks. However, you can also plant it using grass seeds bought from Dryads and some NPCs. The Dryads sell for 20 copper coins.

It can’t spread below zero elevation but can be placed in lower layers block by block using grass seeds or the Staff of Regrowth. Above ground, these grass blocks help facilitate the growth of Mushrooms, Trees, Wild Grass, Yellow Marigolds, Dayblooms, Pumpkins, and Sunflowers. If there’s space below any of the blocks, vines will grow downwards.

You can simply use a lawnmower to trim the grass when it starts to overgrow. The only downside with this grass is that trees planted on it never mature.

2. Corrupt grass

Corrupt grass in Terraria

Just like normal grass, corrupt grass also occurs naturally in Corruption. But, it can also be created using Corrupt Seeds, Unholy water, or Clentaminator with a purple solution. It easily converts normal grass and spreads over dirt blocks instead of normal grass.

In fact, in hardmode, it’ll convert any grass growing on dirt blocks within three tiles of a corrupt block (Corrupt Grass, Purple Ice, Ebonstone, Ebonsand, and hardened Ebonsand). This includes grass that spreads below 0 elevation.

Infectable blocks (Sandstone, Hardened Sand, Sand, Ice, Stone, and Grass) within the same radius won’t be spared either. They are usually turned into the Corrupt Grass’ Corrupt variant.

When the Corrupt Grass in an area grows and exceeds a certain size, the area becomes a Corruption biome. And unless Mud is covered by Mushroom Grass, Corrupt Grass converts it into dirt.

Above ground, this grass can sprout Corrupt Flowers, Mushrooms, Vile, and Deathweed. Additionally, Corrupt Thorns grow from Corrupted Grass.

3. Crimson grass

Crimson grass in Terraria

Crimson Grass occurs naturally in the Crimson or is created using Crimson Seeds, Blood water, or Clentaminator with Red Solution. The above-ground Crimson grass sprouts Crimson flowers, Deathweed, and Vicious Mushrooms. Then you have Crimson thorns growing from the grass towards any direction, while Crimson Vines will occupy any available space below the grass and grow downwards.

It easily turns a place into a Crimson biome once the area fills up with Crimson grass and converts grass growing on dirt to Crimson grass in hardmode —as long as it’s within three tiles of a Crimson block (Hardened Crimsand, Crimsand, Red Ice, Crimstone, Sand, Ice, Stone, Grass).

On the other hand, infectable blocks (Sandstone, Hardened Stone, Sand, Ice, Stone, Grass) around the 3 tiles radius of a Crimson grass are turned into Crimson variants. This leads to grass below 0 elevation converting to Crimson grass. Lastly, Crimson grass also converts mud into dirt unless covered by Mushroom Grass.

4. Mushroom grass

Mushroom grass in Terraria

The Mushroom Grass grows and spreads over Mud Blocks. It sprouts Giant Glowing Mushrooms and Glowing Mushrooms, the main source of Mushroom Grass seeds. You can find it underground at a depth of 0 feet or below. It features a faint glow that could serve as a natural light source.

The good thing about Mushroom grass and its Mushrooms is that they grow faster. Also, the grass isn’t affected by Corruption and Crimson grass. With the mushrooms, you can be able to get the Truffle.

5. Jungle grass

Jungle grass in Terraria

Jungle grass is a special type of grass. You’ll find it growing naturally in the Jungle or Underground Jungle. But you can also plant it from Jungle Grass seeds which drop from glowing flowers and Jungle grass weeds—albeit rarely.

This grass spreads over Mud Blocks at any depth. However, it spreads faster above surface level. Some of the plants that grow on it include Jungle Roses, Jungle Spores, Nature’s Gift, Moonglow, Jungle Thorns, and Jungle Vines. All Jungle plants grow underwater.

6. Hallowed grass

Hallowed grass in Terraria

Hallowed Grass won’t occur naturally until you enter hardmode. You can buy seeds to create it from Dryads in hardmode or use Holy Water. It spreads over Dirt Blocks instead of normal grass and won’t go below 0 feet elevation.

This grass grows Flowers, Daybloon, and Mushroom above ground. It will turn an area into Hallow biome once it grows to a certain amount in that place. Any blocks that are 3 squares away get turned into hallowed variants, except for Jungle grass.

Colors of grass in Terraria

  • Normal grass: Green
  • Crimson Grass: Red
  • Mushroom Grass: Blue
  • Jungle Grass: Lime Green
  • Hallowed Grass: Cyan
  • Corrupt Grass: Purple

Important things to note about growing grass in Terraria

  • Dirt with grass must be connected to dirt without grass to grow.
  • When painted grass spreads to adjacent dirt/mud blocks, it spreads the color too.
  • Flowers, Glowing Mushrooms, and Tall Grass growing on colored grass usually take the color of the grass.

How do you speed up jungle grass in Terraria?

To speed up the growth of Jungle Grass, grow it above surface level.

From this guide, you can see how simple it is to grow grass in Terraria. It’s now time to try it out and change your world as you progress. Grass has a great impact on your build.