How to make a smoker in Minecraft

A smoker is essential in Minecraft since it helps you cook food faster—twice as fast as a furnace, to be precise.

To save you a lot of unnecessary hassle, we will explore effective ways to craft a smoker in Minecraft and how to use it.

Step 1: Find the crafting materials

The materials required to make a smoker are:

1. 1 crafting table

crafting table in Minecraft

The crafting table is one of the first things you’ll need when starting in Minecraft. It’s like the backbone of Minecraft.  You’ll need it for all the crafting recipes, including the smoker recipe Minecraft.

To make the crafting table, convert tree logs to wooden planks. Then, open the 2×2 default crafting menu and place a wooden plank in each slot. This will produce a crafting table. Put it in your inventory.

Using the crafting table, you can create a pickaxe essential for mining cobblestones—an essential ingredient in making the furnace.

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2. 1 furnace

Furnace in Minecraft

To make a furnace, you need 8 pieces of cobblestones. Place them on the outside slots of the crafting table, leaving the center square blank.

This will produce a furnace in the square on the right side. Place the furnace in your inventory.

3. 4 logs/wood of any tree (oakminecr, acacia, jungle, birch, spruce)

log in Minecraft

These are the remaining logs after you finish making the crafting table.

Step 2: Craft the smoker


When it comes to crafting the smoker, it is as simple as:

  • Placing the furnace you’ve made in the center square of the crafting table.
  • Surrounding the furnace with four wooden blocks placed in the middle square on every end. The corner spaces should be blank.
  • You will see a smoker pop up in the square on the right side of the crafting table.
  • That wraps up the smoker crafting recipe.
  • You can move the smoker to the inventory or click on it to start cooking.

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How to use a smoker in Minecraft

Depending on your game version, you can right-click (windows 10, java, and education edition), press the LT button (Xbox), hit on the block (pocket edition), press the ZL button (Nintendo switch), or press the L2 button (PS4) to put the smoker in the desired place.

You can then click to open its interface, where you’ll see two spaces. The top-left square space is for placing your raw food, while the bottom-left space is for the fuel (charcoal, coal, or a bucket of lava).

While cooking the food, keep an eye on the status of the arrow. It fills up slowly as the cooking progresses and reaches the end when your food is ready. It will then reset, ready to cook another food.

What does the smoker do in Minecraft?

The smoker will cook any food that can be cooked and is edible. From raw meat, and fish, to potatoes. Remember, it takes half the time taken by the furnace.

So, you don’t have to wait long for your food to be ready. Unfortunately, you can’t use the smoker for smelting.


That sums up our smoker recipes in Minecraft. Go ahead and craft yours today. When you have both the Minecraft smoker and blast furnace, you can use the latter solely for smelting iron and the former for cooking.