How to make a diamond golem in Minecraft

The Minecraft game is adventurous and packed with weapons you can use to combat your enemies. Among those weapons is a golem, which can attack and defend you from your enemies. There are two types of golems namely the Iron and Snow golem.

This article focuses on how to make a diamond golem in Minecraft for PS4 and Pocket Edition (PE). The diamond golem is a type of Iron golem that is bluish-green in color. You can use it to protect yourself and the village from enemies in the game.

The diamond golem is similar to the iron golem in that they have 75 hearts. They can also create damage from 6.5 hearts to 15 hearts. You can also use a diamond golem to attack or fight off zombies, spiders, endermen, skeletons, ferrums, or withers.

The items required to create a diamond golem include four diamond blocks arranged to form a T-shape and a carved pumpkin for the top. To spawn a diamond golem, three-quarters of the villagers must have worked the previous day. The player should also be within 44 blocks of the village vertically and 80 blocks horizontally.

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How to make a diamond golem in Minecraft

The following are steps on how to make a diamond golem in Minecraft PE:

  1. Craft four diamond blocks together. You can make a diamond block by putting together nine ingots on the crafting table which sums up to 36 ingots when making a diamond golem.
  2. Next, collect a craved pumpkin or jack o’ lantern in the grass block.
  3. Locate an open space that is three blocks wide and three blocks high, or even larger. Do not place the golem too close to the wall, or its spawns will get trapped inside and suffocate. You should also clear any tall grass or flowers that may prevent the golem from spawning.
  4. Arrange the four diamond blocks in a T-shape to form the golem’s body.
  5. Put the pumpkin or jack o’ lantern at the top of the T-shape. Place it at the center of the block and it will immediately change to a diamond golem.
  6. Remember to place the pumpkin as the last item, or else the diamond golem will not spawn.

How to summon a diamond golem in Minecraft

Summoning a diamond golem is just the same as summoning an Iron golem. Here’s how to do it on the Minecraft Pocket Edition:

  1. You need to run a command to summon a diamond golem. To do this, open the Chat Window in the Minecraft game.
  2. Type in the command /summon diamond_golem in the chat window.

How to use a diamond golem

You can use the diamond golem to protect your village from its enemies. They will patrol around the village if they sense a village nearby. You need not worry because a naturally spawned golem cannot harm you, even if you attack it or a villager.

They have various features including deflecting arrows, breathing underwater, and fire and blast resistance. These abilities make them a great weapon to use to defend your home.