How to make a beacon in Minecraft

Do you know how to make a beacon in Minecraft? Well, we do! We know all there is to know about beacons in Minecraft—starting with how to craft them to their usage in the game. We’ll share all that information in this article so that you can understand this rare item, and learn to use it accordingly. Keep reading for more information.

What do you need to craft a beacon in Minecraft?

To create a beacon in Minecraft you need the following resources:

1. Crafting table

crafting table in Minecraft

The crafting table comes with a 3×3 crafting grid that’s essential for all crafting procedures. To make the crafting table, take 4 wood planks and put them in a 2×2 crafting grid.

2. 5 pieces of glass

Glass block in Minecraft

Glass is a decorative block that spawns naturally in ancient cities and inside woodland mansions. You can mine it using a tool enchanted with a silk touch.

Also, you can smelt five blocks of sand in a furnace to get five glass blocks. In that case, you’ll need coal or wood planks as fuel.

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The last option for obtaining glass blocks is to trade with journeyman-level librarian villagers. They’ll give you 4 glass blocks for 1 emerald. However, the chances of a successful trade vary among different Minecraft versions. For instance, in the Minecraft Bedrock edition, it’s a 50% chance, while in the java edition, it’s a ⅔ chance. The only problem is that you’ll be 1 glass block short.

3. 3 Obsidian Blocks

Obsidian in Minecraft

The Obsidian is a strong dark purple block with very high resistance. It generates naturally in the overworld (woodland mansions, ravines, and caves where water gets in contact with lava source blocks, and ocean ruin buildings), nether (generates as part of ruined portals), and the end (generates as part of the end ship in end cities).

You can also find obsidian blocks in chest loots. Ruined portal chest loots have the least blocks (1-2), while village chest loots have the highest (3-7).

4. 1 Nether Star

Nether Star minecraft

The Nether star is extremely valuable. However, it’s the rarest out of all the resources. You can only obtain it by defeating the Wither.

This is quite tough considering the Wither has the greatest natural health out of all mobs, is immune to lava, fire, freezing, and drowning damage, and can deal damage of up to 99 when he explodes.

A step-by-step guide to making a beacon in Minecraft

Once you have all the ingredients listed above, follow the steps below to make a full beacon:

Step 1: Open your crafting table menu

Step 2: Take the Nether Star and place it in the center square of the 3×3 crafting grid.

Step 3: Place a glass in the squares on either side of the Nether star and the entire top row.

Step 4: Place the obsidian blocks in the squares on the bottom row.

Step 5: A beacon will appear in the square to the right of the crafting grid. Drag it to your inventory.

How many blocks make a full beacon?

For your beacon to be complete and functional, it will take 5 glass blocks and 3 obsidian blocks.

On its own, the beacon doesn’t do much. So, you need to put it on a platform to activate it, and the best one, in this case, is a pyramid.

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How to create a pyramid for your beacon in Minecraft

First, you must find a flat and open surface to place the pyramid. Preferably near your home. Next, you’ll need either iron, diamond, gold, netherite, or emerald blocks to build the pyramid.

The block type has no effect on the pyramid’s performance, therefore you can use whichever you like. And, if you don’t have enough of a single block, you can mix it with another block.

Now, depending on the total number of blocks at your disposal, you could build pyramid levels between 1 to 4, with the taller ones being stronger and having more status effects. Here is a breakdown of the different levels:

  • Level 1: A base of 3×3 blocks that make 9 blocks.
  • Level 2: A base of 5×5 blocks and a top of 3×3 blocks to make 34 blocks in total.
  • Level 3: A base of 7×7 blocks, 2nd layer of 5×5 blocks, and a top of 3×3 blocks to make 83 blocks in total.
  • Level 4: A base of 9×9 blocks, 2nd layer of 7×7 blocks, 3rd layer of 5×5 blocks, and a top of 3×3 blocks which come to 164 blocks in total.

How to make a beacon light up and use it

Once the pyramid is ready, take the beacon and place it on the middle block at the top level. It will activate and light up immediately.

Now, to gain the status effects, you should open the beacon’s menu and select either primary or secondary (if your pyramid has 4 levels) power. Next, insert a gold, diamond, netherite, iron, or emerald ingot and press the tick button.

Status effects and powers in Minecraft

With the beacon fully activated, you can gain the following status effects depending on the level of your pyramid.

Primary powers for level 1 pyramid

  • Speed: It makes you move faster.
  • Haste: Increases your mining and attack speed

These powers are active within a 20 blocks radius of the beacon.

Primary powers for level 2 pyramid

  • Resistance: Decreases incoming damage.
  • Jump boost: Increases jumping height and distance.

The powers function within a 30 blocks radius of the beacon.

Primary power for level 3 pyramid

  • Strength: Increases melee damage.

This power works within a 40 blocks radius of the beacon.

Secondary powers for level 4 pyramid

  • Regeneration: Regenerates health.
  • Raising a primary power to level 2.

These powers are active within a 50 blocks radius of the beacon.

NOTE: The powers will still function for 5-10 seconds before they fade away when you leave the coverage area. Also, you can enable all the powers simultaneously if you craft 6 beacons.

How to change the color of the beacon’s beam

The beacon’s beam produces a light source value of 15 that’s visible up to 1342 blocks away (java edition) and 64 blocks away (Bedrock edition). As a result, it’s a good source of light and a reliable landmark for different things and places. You can even color the beam if you prefer a different light, especially when there’re several beacons.

To change the color of the beam, place a block of colored glass on top of the beacon. For instance, if you want a yellow beam, put a block of yellow-stained glass.


Beacons have a lot of functional and aesthetical benefits in a game. Therefore, you should try and craft at least one for your base. Our simple guide will help you make a beacon in Minecraft Bedrock and Java editions.