Top 7 Spider-Man games for Android

6 decades ago, Spider-Man was introduced as a comic character. Today, he’s morphed into a revered superhero that features in movies, animated series, and video games. Video games are even better now with the emergence of Spider-Man game apps.

Mobile games allow fans to interact with their favorite superhero and use him to maneuver different gameplays on the go. All you need is a good smartphone and internet connection. If you’ve not tried any games, this article is for you.

The best Spider-Man games for Android

We’ve listed the best Spider-Man games for Android to help you get started. Seasoned gamers can also pick new game titles to add to their collection.

1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

the amazing Spider-Man 2 for android

Requirements: Android 4.0 and above

Developer: Gameloft

This game is a prequel to the Amazing Spider-Man. It’s an action-packed third-person game set in an open world in Manhattan. While playing as Spider-Man, you’re supposed to complete different missions scattered across the map to progress in the game.

While at it, you’ll deal with side missions like car chases, street gunfights, stopping petty crimes, saving people from burning buildings, transporting injured civilians and police officers to the hospital, and throwing bombs into the ocean.

As a result of having the spider-sense, you’ll get an alert whenever an enemy is about to hit. So, it’s easier for you to stop many attacks before they happen or escalate.

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You can unlock Spider-Man suits like Iron Spider, Ultimate Comics Spider-man, and Symbiote Spider-Man to battle famous villains like the Green Goblin, Venom, Kraven the Hunter, and Electro. Also, players can upgrade Spider-man’s web-shooters and unlock new abilities like Vibro blasts and ionic webbing.

The game has superior graphics and top-quality voice acting that offer a magical gaming experience. Whether you’re battling on the ground or in the sky, the 3D cinematic helps to intensify the action scenes. It almost feels like an actual movie experience.

Lastly, the on-screen game controls for movements and fighting moves are very simple. Therefore, it shouldn’t take long to master a few tricks that will earn you points and rewards whenever you use them in battles.

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2. Marvel Contest of champions

marvel contest of champions android game

Requirements: Android 4.4 and above

Developer: Kabam Games

Have you ever wondered who would be the ultimate Marvel champion when all heroes and villains battle against each other? Well, this game offers the perfect opportunity to test Spider-Man’s skills. The gameplay involves fighting different villains and heroes in iconic locations around the Marvel Universe. From Asgard, S.H.I.E.L.D, The Savage Land, Avengers Tower, Wakanda, to Oscorp, among others.

You’re allowed to form alliances and strategize with the alliance members to keep an ally in the fight. There are many alliance events to battle in and quests to complete and earn rewards.

You can also team up with other heroes and villains and embark on quests to defeat Kang and Thanos before facing off with a super-powerful cosmic competitor who threatens to destroy The Marvel Universe. The pairing should be strategic since powerful combinations earn your team more synergy bonuses. Also, you can use Mastery trees to boost the team’s defense and offense.

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3. Marvel strike force

Marvel strike force android game

Requirements: Android 5.0 and above

Developer: Scopely

This is another action-packed Role Playing Game where Spider-Man teams up with Marvel heroes and villains to fight a common enemy threatening the Marvel Universe. Start by outfitting the selected superheroes and supervillains to make them stronger. Next, pair up the best combos of heroes so that you can pull off killer combo moves on the enemies.

The gameplay cinematics is among the best in mobile games. The developers went out of their way to ensure players get a memorable gaming experience.

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4. Marvel puzzle quest

Marvel puzzle quest Spider-Man android game

Requirements: Android 4.1 and above

Developer: D3 Go!

The Marvel Puzzle Quest is one of the most popular Spider-Man mobile games on this list. Its community of over 20 million players proves the dominance it has in the market.

The game’s storyline is about The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D mishandling a powerful resource that causes a supervillain known as Norman Osborn to take charge of the agency, replacing it with an organization that might destroy the world. As a result, Spider-Man must join forces with superheroes and villains to save the Marvel Universe.

While battling to victory with your team, you’ll also have to solve puzzles to level up your match 3 kills, and overcome challenges to inflict damage to enemies.

You can upgrade your team members, use your team’s collective power to fight opponents in player vs player battles, unlock new characters, form alliances, and manipulate the game board to gain an edge.

There’s a lot to unravel and enjoy in this Spider-Man game for Android. It’s indeed a puzzle with a couple of challenging layers.

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5. Marvel Pinball

Marvel pinball Spider-Man android game

Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and above

Developer: Zen Studios

Use Spider-Man to play pinball with other Marvel superheroes to eliminate notorious super-villains from the pinball landscape. The game is simple but features immersive gameplay and great table visuals.

First, you’ll get Marvel’s The Avengers table. Later, you can acquire your preferred table through in-app purchases. They include Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Blade, Moon Knight, X-men, Thor, Captain America, Fantastic Four, World War Hulk, The Infinity Gauntlet, Civil War, and Fear Itself.

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6. Spider Hero Super Fighter

spider hero super fighter Spider-Man android game

Requirements: Android 5.0 and above

Developer: Superhero Academy

This is one of the best Spider-Man games for Android. The game involves the main character using his superpowers like superior fighting skills, sixth sense, superhuman strength, and great speed and agility to fight criminal gangs and super-villains. The goal is to keep the city safe.

You shouldn’t expect any help since the army and police are corrupted. However, you can unlock new combos and abilities, level up when you defeat enemies and use cash to unlock other perks.

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7. Marvel future fight

Marvel future fight android game

Requirements: Android 4.4 and above

Developer: Netmarble

In this epic action RPG game, Spider-Man and over 200 other Marvel characters are part of a universe that’s under threat by a convergence. Now, you’re supposed to pick your favorite characters (superheroes and villains) and compete in saving the world.

There are quests and missions to complete, challenges to overcome, and most importantly—a game to enjoy. Use your character’s unique superpowers to win battles, level them up, and earn rewards. The survival of your universe depends on every win.

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From this list, pick and download Spider-Man games for Android that interests you and start playing with your favorite superhero. Fortunately, many are offline Spider-Man games; therefore, you can play them without connecting to the internet.

In the comment section, let us know of other epic Spider-Man game apps for Android. We’ll be happy to try them out and give an honest review.

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