How to use Fanged IMP ashes in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is one of the most popular action role-playing games available today. The game, available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox is presented through a third-person perspective and allows players to roam in its interactive open world freely. 

The most outstanding feature of the game is combat, characterized by the inclusion of several types of weapons, summons, and magic spells.

Even though these weapons, summons, and magic spells help make the game more exciting and engaging, they are not always easy to unlock and implement, especially for inexperienced players that haven’t played the game for long.

This article shows players the location of Fanged IMP ashes, how to acquire them, and effectively implement the ashes to give you an advantage as you battle other players in Elden Ring.

What are Fanged IMP ashes?

Fanged IMP


Before we see how one can get Fanged IMP ashes and use them effectively in the game, it is best to see what they are. Furthermore, for those asking what do Fanged IMP ashes do? Keep reading, and you will get a comprehensive answer later in the document.

In Elden Ring, Fanged IMP ashes are spirit ash summons. This means that they are ashes in which IMP spirits still dwell. 

A player can then use these ashes to summon two Fanged IMPs to assist them as they battle other players in the game. This makes Fanged IMP ashes a much-needed advantage for anyone looking to advance to higher levels in the game.

What do Fanged IMP ashes do?

These spirit IMPs move nimbly like pests while attacking the opponent with their sharp teeth, causing a lot of bleeding, making them one of the best sources of distraction you can ask for in the game. They cause a lot of disturbance as they move around quickly, hurling pots at the enemy.

The two IMPs seem to be very fond of each other as they tend to do everything in sync, making them a highly effective support team to have on your side. Since they move so fast, it is always best to summon them when you are overwhelmed by attackers. 

In this manner, as the IMPs attack and distract the enemy, you can take the time to boost your stamina and continue with the game.

Furthermore, the damage and hemorrhage they cause by biting the enemy with their sharp teeth go a long way in diminishing the enemy’s health. This makes the Fanged IMP duo a very effective support damage dealer for any player in the game.

However, there are times when you will not be able to summon the IMPs even after unlocking or buying ashes. For those asking, why can’t I use ashes in Elden Ring? It is essential to realize that you must be near a rebirth monument for your ashes to be able to summon any spirit, including Fanged IMPs. 

Therefore, understand that when you are not near these monuments, you will not be able to summon any spirit. 

You should also remember that when you equip ash to a specific weapon in Elden Ring, you cannot be able to use it in another weapon, which answers the question, are ashes reusable in Elden Ring?

How to get Fanged IMP ashes in Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Where will you find Fanged IMP ashes In Elden Ring? Understand that there are two ways to get and use the Fanged IMP ashes. The first and easiest option for acquiring the ashes is to choose to keep them as a starting keepsake. 

Elden Ring gives players an option to choose a keepsake from a list of items at the start of the game. Therefore, to acquire the IMP ashes for free, you must select “Fanged IMP ashes” from the keepsake list that appears immediately after you finish creating your character.

The second way to acquire Fanged IMP ashes is by buying them. However, understand that you will not be buying them from the PlayStation market or any other online market. You will have to locate a merchant in the game from whom you can purchase ashes from. 

The merchant that sells Fanged IMP ashes in Elden Ring is located at Raya Lucaria Academy. To get to him, travel to the Main Academy Gate site of grace and take the path down towards South Raya Lucaria gate. Look for an isolated merchant down the road, and they will sell you ashes for 2000 runes.


Elden Ring is one of the most enjoyable action role-playing games out there. On the other hand, learning how to unlock and utilize all weapons, spells, and summons gives you an advantage against opponents and makes the game much more entertaining. Therefore, summoning and using Fanged IMP ashes will be a sure step toward increasing your fondness for the game.