10 free games like Slime Rancher in 2023

Are you a fan of Slime Rancher but are looking for a new game that will give you a similar experience? We’ll there are several options available.

In this article, we’ll cover the best games like slime rancher for Steam, Xbox, PS, Android, and other popular gaming platforms.

10 free games like slime rancher you can download

Here is a list of some top games that are similar to slime rancher and are really fun to play; 

1. Island Saver

Island Saver

If you like playing Slime Rancher for free and are looking for a similar fun and easy-to-play game, then it is best to try out Island Slaver. This is a free-to-play action-adventure game with all the perks and entertainment that Slime Slaver provides. It is one of the best free alternatives for Slime Rancher.

The games allow you to explore a world of multiple islands, cleaning up trash and plastic waste that has washed up ashore. Like Slime Rancher, in Island Slaver, your character will be armed with a trash bluster that helps you suck up trash and toxic enemies known as litterbugs.

2. Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet

In this first-person adventure game, you are dropped on an alien planet where you are required to determine if it is a safe planet for human colonization. You will primarily do this by cataloging the local flora and fauna.

Like Island Slaver, the game offers several challenges that make it highly interactive and exciting. Furthermore, you will get gadgets such as a grapple gun and a jetpack to aid you in discovering new areas and fighting the alien life forms that inhabit that planet.

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3. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Although Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a third-person adventure game, it is entertaining and full of adventure, just like Slime Rancher. The gameplay takes place in a creatively designed, elegantly colored world that is slowly falling into ruin due to a poison called Murk spreading around.

Your character’s role will include farming and taming animals. It will also entail an adventure aspect where you find a magical creature called Sprite whose power you can use to get rid of the poison murk and, in turn, keep it from destroying your farm.

4. Supraland


Are you a Slime Rancher fan but still love to play Super Mario? Then it is best to try out Supraland, a top-notch puzzle platform first-person adventure game from Supra Games. 

Like Slime Rancher, the game’s environment consists of sprawling jungles gyms. Your character will be availed of several gadgets and tools to help you defeat enemies and collect coins while traversing the land, just like in Super Mario.

5. Astroneer


Another open-world sandbox action-adventure game that is also similar to Slime Rancher is Astroneer. The game is all about adventure and exploration. Its gameplay also adds a dash of responsibility to the experience. It is centered on exploring the world, finding new resources, and then bringing them back to expand and improve your home base.

Furthermore, since oxygen will always be scarce, you will be required to properly manage the amount you have while exploring to ensure you have enough to get you back to base, making the game much more enjoyable.

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6. My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia

Are you looking for games like Slime Rancher for Android? Then My Time at Portia is a game you need to try out. 

Taking place in an elegant design and colorful rural town, this top-notch role-playing game entails managing/upgrading a farm, using available resources to develop useful tools to help you explore the nearby environment mainly dominated by caves.

7. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Apart from Slime Rancher, Stardew is one of the best games that provide an engaging and authentic farming simulation experience. Your character will primarily be tasked with returning your late grandfather’s farm to life in the game. You will be required to plant seedlings and nurse the land back to health.

Even though Stardew might not be similar to Slime Rancher graphically, the two games provide a top-notch farming sim experience. They employ a day/night cycle that pushes the player to plan for their time to reach their goal.

8. Subnautica


Subnautica is another adventure game quite similar to Slime Rancher. The difference here is that its gameplay all occurs underwater. In the game, you crash land on an alien planet where you are required to use your wits and do lots of exploration to collect resources.

Remember, as you are trying to create your home base and survive, alien creatures will attack you. Therefore, you need to collect resources to help you make tools and weapons, not for survival alone. One point to remember about the game is that even though most of the gameplay is underwater, there are two islands that you can explore too.

9. Ooblets


Like Slime Rancher, Ooblets is one of the top games renowned for combining monster taming and farming. This combination is guaranteed to provide a fun-filled adventure that is fulfilling to any player. In the game, your character lives in a world where human beings co-exist with creatures known as Oooblets.

It provides you with a lot of adventure as it gives you the freedom to choose what you can do with your pet Ooblets. For instance, you can choose to send them to war or play around with them. Furthermore, the game also gives you the chance to create different variations of Ooblets by simply planting seeds in your garden.

10. Sneaky Sasquatch

Sneaky Sasquatch

Another adventure game that all Slime Rancher fans will love is Sneaky Sasquatch. In this game, you sneak around the campsite and try to steal food from other campers’ picnic baskets without getting caught. 

While that already makes the game interesting, that is not all that the game offers. It incorporates lots of daily challenges with leaderboard scores. Other activities that you can engage in in the game include racing, golfing, finding treasure, and skiing.

The adventure that Slime Rancher provides has made it a staple for those of us who love RPG adventure games. However, sometimes one would like to break the barrier and explore other games that might be just as fun or even more entertaining than Slime Rancher. The above list provides you with some games that give a similar experience as Slime Rancher.