Terraria Calamity bosses list: Who is the strongest boss?

In Terraria Calamity mod, bosses are hard to deal with. Unfortunately, they’re inevitable if you want to advance the game.

We will break down the Terraria calamity bosses list to help you understand how many you’ll have to deal with, their strengths, weaknesses, summoning items, and the benefits of defeating them.

What is the order of bosses in Terraria calamity?

The bosses in Terraria are grouped into the following game progressions; pre-hardmode bosses, hardmode bosses, post-moon lord bosses, superbosses, and mini bosses.  

Pre-hardmode bosses

These are the pre-hardmode bosses in Terraria Calamity:

1. Desert Scourge

Desert Scrouge in Terraria

The Desert Scourge boss is a large, dry, spiked worm that features 2,600 health. It doesn’t spawn naturally. However, you can summon it in the desert biome using a desert medallion. To craft the dessert medallion you need 15 sand, 3 antlion, mandible, 10 cactus, and stormlion mandible. The crafting must be done at a crimson altar.

It was once a mighty ocean worm that destroyed the kingdom and has become the first calamity boss that you’ll encounter and battle. Fighting it is easy, but you must be prepared with weapons, armor, and several other tricks. In revenge mode, two smaller dessert scourges join in the fight and you need to kill them before you continue to fight the bigger one—with its 4,800 health.

When defeated, Dessert Scourge drops victory shards, angler quest rewards like the angler earring and the weather radio, and weapons with water and electricity themes. Also, it enables sandstorms and allows mining of blocks in the sunken sea biome.

2. Crabulon

Crabulon in Terraria

Crabulon is a mushroom crab that you can summon with a decapodita sprout in the glowing mushroom biome. Initially, it spawns as passive but will start to attack when damaged.

It can deal heavy damage to a player with its mushroom projectiles and small crab shroom minions. In expert mode, the mushroom projectiles triple in number and speed when the Crabulon’s health goes below 66%. It gets more lethal as the health depreciates.

When you manage to kill it, Crabulon will drop mushroom-themed weapons and the mushroom plasma root in Revengeance. The root will boost your rage mode damage permanently.

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3. The Hive Mind

The Hive Mind Terraria

The Hive Mind resembles a huge brain amalgamation featuring rotten flesh, pockmarked with holes all over and a crown made of rotten matter. You can summon it with a Teratoma in The Corruption or by killing a Hive Cyst. This boss usually stays stationary throughout its first phase. Instead of fighting a player, it will send its corrupt minions to attack.

That’s until it loses 25% of its health and transitions to its second phase. Immediately, it will start teleporting towards the player while attacking. It can even spam other Corrupt enemies while losing health and produce rain clouds that lead to plagued rain when it dashes. 

You should try and stay in The Corruption underground to avoid enraging the Hive Mind as becomes more dealy when mad. Also, focus on dodging the dark heart’s projectiles thrown your way and clear all minions before phase 2 starts.

This boss drops rotten matter and equipment with a dark or Corruption theme when killed. Additionally, Aerialite ore will generate in your world. 

4. The Perforators

The Perforators Terraria

The Perforators are a combination of one main hive boss and three fleshy worms. They are the crimson counterpart to the Hive Mind. They don’t spawn naturally, so, you need to summon them using bloody worm food or by killing a perforator cyst in the crimson biome.

The main perforator hive usually spawns first then as its health depreciates it spawns the perforator worms which are different in size, stats, and appearance. For instance, the small worm spawns when the hive reaches 70% health, the medium will spawn at 40% health while the large one appears when the hive is at 10% health.

The main hive fights by firing blood geysers and ichor shots from above at intervals of 1.25-15 seconds. It positions itself above the player, so you’ll need weapons with projectiles. You should also make sure you destroy the Perforator worms as soon as they spawn so that you don’t get overwhelmed when the others spawn later in the game.

These bosses drop weapons with flesh and blood themes and blood samples. When you defeat them, you’ll see the status message “The ground is glittering with cyan light” which indicates the generation of Aerialite ore in your world.

5. The Slime God

The Slime God Terraria

These comprise two giant slimes (the Crimulan Slime God and the Ebonian Slime God) and a small Slime God core. You can summon them in any world at any time using the overloaded sludge.

The fighting is mainly done by the Crimulan and Ebonian and their minions. They will jump towards a player and fire abyss balls. whenever they take hits and their health depreciates, they split into smaller slimes and continue attacking. And, when you defeat one of the slimes the others get unique strengths. For instance:

  • Defeating the Crimulan Slime God will double the movement-based attack rate of the Ebonian Slime God.
  • Defeating the Ebonian Slime God will double the defense of the Crimulan Slime God.
  • Defeating the two large slimes triggers the Core to enter its second phase earlier.

Upon defeating the last Slime God, you’ll get weapon drops themed around Slime, The Corruption, and Crimson. Additional drops include purified gel for making statigel armor, purified jam that makes you immune to harm temporarily, and the electrolyte gel pack.

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Hardmode bosses

These are the hardmode bosses in Terraria Calamity:

1. Cryogen

Starting the list of Calamity Hardmode bosses is Cryogen, a transformed Archmage Permafrost. You can only summon it in the Snow biome using a cryo key. It has a total of 6 phases and each one has a distinct attack pattern and AI. Usually, it transitions through the phases as its health depreciates i.e phase 2 (80%), phase 3 (60%), phase 4 (40%), and phase 5 (20%).

The figures are different for the Revengeance mode.

It will spawn an ice shield to protect itself from attacks and cause contact damage to players. Therefore, you must destroy the shield to stand a chance of attacking Cryogen directly. You should be careful as it attacks by firing ice blasts while chasing you around and summons minions to help it.

It’s an aggressive mob that requires a great deal of preparation and skill to defeat. You must gear up with the right armor, accessories, and weapons. For the weapons, you should consider those with fast projectiles to counter Cryogen’s quick movement.

When you defeat Cryogen, Cryonic ore will spawn in the ice biome, Archmage will move into a suitable housing that’s available, and the boss will drop ice-themed weapons.

2. Aquatic Scourge

Aquatic Scourge Terraria

This boss is a hydrated and mutated version of the Dessert Scourge. It’s able to spawn naturally in the Sulphurous sea biome. But, you can summon it with seafood. After spawning, it remains passive until its hit by a player and its health drops to 99% or lower.

It will follow a player around aiming to ram into them while releasing different projectiles. From homing teeth and sulphuric water to gas clouds. Just like the other bosses, it spawns minions while taking damage. These are; aquatic seekers, aquatic parasites, and aquatic urchins.

Once you defeat it, the Aquatic Scourge drops weapons with water and electricity themes. Also, the second tier of the acid rain event unlocks while the Belching Corals, Anthozoan crab, and Baby Flak Crabs spawn in the Sulphurous sea.

3. Brimstone Elemental

To summon Brimstone Elemental, you need a charred idol and must be in the Brimstone Crag biome. This boss is vicious in her attacks. She can teleport around planting  Brimstone eruptions in phase 1, hover above a player and shoot fireballs and darts at them in phase 2, and enclose herself in defensive rose petals while firing projectiles in phase 3.

To add to that, she can summon minions called Brimlings after every teleportation to help her fire brimstone fireballs at players. Fortunately, she can’t have more than two Brimlings at the same time. 

When you defeat her, she drops Brimstone weapons and accessories, and charred slime will spawn in the Brimstone Crag biome. After Providence is killed, Brimstone Elemental will drop Bloodstone, Brimrose, and a special mount that has infinite flight time and high movement speed. 

4. Calamitas

First, to summon a Calamita, you need an eye Desolation and must do it at night. She fights by chasing a player and firing projectiles at them. When her health gets to 75% she starts shooting fireballs. At some point, she summons her brothers (Catastrophe and Cataclysm) and minions (rings of soul seekers) for backup.

When Providence is defeated, Calamitas stats go up. From her health to her fighting. So, you should try and finish her first. 

After defeating her, she will drop Brimstone items and ashes of calamity. Also, there will be changes in the biome like enemies in the Abyss dropping Lumenyi and Drop cells. Then, when Providence dies, calamitas drops Bloodstone.

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5. Leviathan and Anahita

This is another deadly combination of bosses—Leviathan and Anahita. To summon them, you must kill ??? in the ocean. And, even then, only Anahita will spawn. Leviathan usually shows up when Anahita’s health reaches 40%. At that point, Anahita becomes passive until Leviathan’s health reaches 70%

Anahita’s offense involves sending projectiles to players and defending herself with an ice shield. When Leviathan shows up she starts attacking immediately by launching meteors and summoning minions(Aquatic Aberrations) to help. This combination can be a handful if you’re not prepared. When you manage to defeat one of them, the remaining boss becomes enraged and attacks more aggressively.

Whoever you defeat last will drop ocean-themed weapons and accessories, and 5-15 greater healing potions.

6. Astrum Aureus

Astrum Aureus boss requires you to summon it at night with the Astral Chunk in the Astral biome. At first, it will take time to recharge, and immediately after its flames light up, it starts attacking. The attacks will continue for a while before it enters the recharge phase again. As its life decreases, it spends less time recharging.

The attacks from Astrum Aureus are mainly pairs of lasers fired in succession toward a player. A single attack can be a maximum of 8 laser blasts. Throughout the game, this boss repeats the cycle of attacking and recharging.

Defeating Astrum Aureus gives the player several drops like Aureus cells, fallen stars, and stardust. Also, other Astral infection enemies will drop the following items:

  • Mantis = Astral Scythe
  • Atlas = Titan arm
  • Nova = Stellar cannon
  • Aries = Stellar knife
  • Astralachnea = Asralachnea staff
  • Atral slime  = Abandoned slime staff
  • Hive = Hive pod
  • Hadarian = Hadarian membrane
  • Stellar culex = Starbuster core

Lastly, the defeat will unlock the Astral chest in the Dungeon and when the moon lord is defeated, Astrum Aureus gets stat boosts and drops a suspicious-looking jelly bean mount.

7. The Plaguebringer Goliath

The Plaguebringer Goliath Terraria

To summon this boss you must use the Abombination in the jungle or underground jungle. Seeing as she’s an infected Queen Bee, her attacks are somehow similar. She charges at a player and unleashes a variety of catastrophic stinger projectiles. To make it worse, her attacks become more lethal and she gains more speed as her health drops.

In phase 1, when her health is above 50%, she can spawn plague chargers with different strengths and sizes. When the health drop below 50%, she spawns homing plague missiles.

When you defeat her, she drops plague-themed weapons and infected armor plating.

8. Ravanger

This ancient flesh golem boss will spawn anywhere on the surface when a player uses the death whistle. Its attack is characterized by trying to jump on a player, slam them down, and hit them with its claws. If you destroy its claws and feet, it will start firing fireballs and sparks from the empty sockets.

You must destroy the five body parts to damage its body. That’s in addition to dealing with fire-throwing pillars, large stone pillars, and homing missiles that it summons for backup.

When killed, this boss drops flesh and bone-themed weapons, all ingredients to the Life Alloy and Core of Calamity, and accessories like the Flesh Totem (cuts enemy contact damage in half every 15 seconds) and the Blood pact (doubles a player’s maximum health).

9. Astrum Deus

This is a metal worm boss with 200,000 health. It doesn’t spawn on its own, so a player must summon it using the Astral Beacon with a Star Core or Titan Heart in the inventory at night. It attacks by trying to ram into the player and firing lasers.

During the course of the game, it gains the ability to fly and at half health, it splits into two worms with equal abilities as the original. When you kill one of the worms, the remaining one despawns and the fight ends. The defeat makes it possible to mine Astral Ore and the boss drops astral-themed items and lunar fragments. 

Post-Moon Lord bosses

The post-moon lord bosses in Terraria Calamity are:

1. Profaned Guardians

Profaned Guardians in Terraria

Starting the list of post-moon lord bosses are three eternal servants to Providence. They include the Main, Rock, and Crystal Guardians. You can summon them during the day in the Underworld or Hallow using a Profaned Shard. They spawn at the same time and flee or despawn at night.

Their attacks include charging, firing holy spears, and shooting fireballs and flares. The main guardian is immune to all manner of damage until the Crystal and Rock Guardians are killed.

When you eliminate all of them, the Guardians drop the Profaned Core that’s used to summon Providence, the Profaned Goddess. Also, each of them drops a unique relic item: Relic of Convergence, Relic of Resilience, and Relic of Deliverance. 

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2. The Dragonfolly

In an attempt to clone Yharon, Yharim produced the Dragonfolly, an electric bird-like dragon with 170,625 health. Players can summon it using Exotic Pheromones in the jungle. 

It’s fast and flies around charging at players, launching electric feathers, creating sustained pillars of lightning, and birthing copies of itself. You should focus on the Dragonfolly since the minions simply spawn more when killed.

When you defeat this boss it drops Effulgent Feathers that are used to craft the Jungle Dragon Egg, which, in turn, summons the Yharon, Jungle Dragon, and the Silver Armor set. 

3. Providence, the Profaned Goddess

This is one of the major post-moon lord bosses in Calamity. You can summon her using a Profaned core in the Underworld or Hallow biomes. She comes complete with 330,000 health and a wide range of vicious attacks.

The attacks vary depending on whether you summon her during the day or at night. For instance, at night, she moves faster. Nonetheless, you must be ready to dodge and defend against stars, spears, flares bombs, and molten globes hurled at you. Not to mention spawned Profane Guardians.

After being defeated, she drops Unholy Essence, Divine Geodes, Elysian Wings (Hallow), Elysian Aegis (Underworld), and Rune of Kos (an item used to summon the Sentinels of the Devourer). Additionally, Uelibloom Ore will generate in Mud blocks all over and some bosses will get stat boosts and drop the Bloodstone.

4. Storm Weaver

Storm Weaver is a worm boss and one of the Sentinels of the Devourer. It has an excess of 825,500 health, and can only be summoned in the sky using a Rune Kos. It follows players around and attacks by ramming into them. Unfortunately, its head and body are immune to any form of damage. So, you shouldn’t waste your time targeting those areas.

However, the tail, on the other hand, multiplies every damage by 10—and it has zero defense. In phase 2, the Storm Weaver sheds its armor and exposes the body.

Once you defeat this boss, it drops armored shells that are used to craft the cosmic worm.

5. Ceaseless Void

Ceaseless Void Terraria

The Ceaseless void boss is summoned in the Dungeon using the Rune of Kos. At first, it will be invincible to damage. So, you may have to wait a while before attacking. Unfortunately, this gives it time to spawn 11 dark energies that it uses to attack.

When its health gets to 50% the dark energies despawn making the boss vulnerable thus giving you a chance to win. It drops dark plasma that’s used to craft Cosmic worm.

6. Signus, Envoy of the Devourer

Summoned using the Rune of Kos in the Underground, the Signus, Envoy of the Devourer boss presents a big challenge for players. Its attacks combine dashing toward a player, shooting scythes and mines toward a player, and spawning up to 10 cosmic lanterns to help it. Not to mention it can pull 4 different attacks in each of its 3 phases.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by such a boss when you’re not prepared. But, if you win, Signus drops Twisting Nether that’s used to craft Cosmic Worm.

7. Polterghast

3 different forms, a total of 350,000 health, and numerous attacks are part of the diverse description of this boss. It’s summoned in the Dungeon using the Necroplasmic Beacon or by killing 30 Phantom Spirits.

In phase 1 of its existence, Polterghast follows you around while firing phantom shots. When its health drops to 50%, it transforms to Necroghast and enters phase 2. In this phase, it shoots ghostly projectiles at a player. Then, immediately its health drops to 20% it transforms into Necroplasm and enters phase 3. In the 3rd phase, it summons its clone and 3 phantoms to help with the attacks.

If you survive the onslaught and emerge victorious, Polterghast will drop Ruinous souls, mini-bosses in the Abyss will drop weapons, and the final tier of the acid rain event will become available.

8. The Old Duke

Talking of the acid rain event, you must finish it so that the Old Duke can spawn. It will emerge from a giant sulphurous tornado. Ideally, you can summon it using a Bloodworm while fishing in the Sulphurous sea.

Its key traits include the 3 phases it goes through, multiple unique attacks, and the ability to read the player’s movements. You must watch your movements while battling this boss. Fortunately, it tires out quickly and must rest occasionally.

Once you defeat the Old Duke, the Sea King starts selling Bloodworms. 

9. The Devourer of Gods

The Devourer of Gods terraria

This is another worm boss that’s summoned using a Cosmic Worm in any biome at any time. It’s challenging to fight it, let alone win. For one, there are several fighting phases, and a wide range of unique and deadly attacks to deal with. Then its body has one of the best Damage Reduction among bosses, forcing you to aim for either the head or tail.

At some point, it summons the Cosmic Guardian to help with the attack on a player. You should only summon the Devourer of Gods when you’re ready. A win will result in the following:

  • The boss drops cosmic-themed weapons and Cosmilite bars.
  • Clothier starts selling the 5 Legacy vanity headpieces.
  • Bandit starts selling Venerated Locket.
  • The Solar Eclipse, Frost Moon, and Pumpkin Moon will become more difficult.
  • Some bosses will drop Endothermic Energy, Nightmare Fuel, and Darksun Fragments.

10. Jungle Dragon, Yharon

With 1,080, 625 health, you can bet the Jungle Dragon, Yharon boss is powerful. It not only has different attacks for different fight phases, but they are tougher and more damaging as the game progresses. Even worse, some phases begin with Yharon regaining its health.

If it’s not charging at you at a high speed, it’s firing projectiles, or summoning Flarenadoes and Infernadoes and summoning minions to boost the attack. This boss can do almost everything.

Before you summon it using a Jungle Dragon Egg in the Jungle, ensure you’ve prepared adequately. If you win, Jungle Dragon, Yharon drops fire and dragon-themed weapons, the Cavern layer starts generating Auric Ore, and the Bandit starts to sell Dragon scales.

11. Exo Mechs

The Exo Mechs comprise Apollo, Ares, Thanatos, and Artemis. They belong to a master blacksmith and scientist called Draedon. To summon them, you need to construct The Codebreaker using a Decryption Computer and an Auric Quantum Cooling Cell then press the Contact button. They can spawn in any biome at any time. However, Draedon lets you choose who will spawn first.

The Exo Mechs have a total of 7 fighting phases. The Mech you select to spawn first will fight in phase 1 until its health drops to 70%. It will disappear then the other two will show up and continue attacking in phase 2. When either of their health drops to 70%, the fight enters phase 3 and the first Mech joins the fight to make it 3 Mechs against the player.

In phase 4, the Mech with the lowest health battles the player alone until it’s defeated. The fight will enter phase 5 where the Mech with the highest health returns to battle alone until it gets to 70% health. The remaining Mech will join in and both of them will fight until one of them drops to 40% health. In phase 6 the Mech with the least health percentage battles alone until its defeat.

Finally, in phase 7 the remaining Mech returns to battle the player. Throughout the battle, a player has to deal with heavy firepower, body charges, and other unique tricks from the 3 bosses. This is a challenging fight that will earn you Exo prisms for crafting endgame equipment if you win.

12. Supreme Calamitas

This is the last post-moon lord boss in Calamity mod. You can summon her in any biome at any time using the Altar of the Accursed that uses Ashes of Calamity or the ceremonial urn. Once she appears, the Brimstone witch NPC disappears.

During attacks, the Supreme Calamitas doesn’t move as much as the other bosses, but her strikes are extremely powerful and consistent. She can charge at a player at a high speed 2-4 times in a row, shoot 8 brimstones at a player, or launch Brimstone gigablasts.

At 45% health, she summons her brothers Supreme Catastrophe and Supreme Cataclysm to help while she takes a break. At 30% health, she summons invincible Brimstone monsters to attack a player. They usually charge consistently for close to 10 minutes then despawn. At 20% health she summons 20 Supreme Soul Seekers to surround her and fire Brimstone darts at a player in synchrony.

At 8% health, she summons the Sepulcher and its 10 Brimstone hearts. When she finally gets to 1% health, Supreme Calamitas will lose all her abilities and after a while, disappear in a beam of red light. Only to reappear as the Brimstone witch NPC at the Altar of the Accursed. As a result, a player can use the enchantment system to modify items. 


There’s only one superboss in Terraria Calamity as of now.

Adult Eidolon Wyrm

The only Calamity mod superboss at the moment and arguably the toughest opponent. You can spawn it anytime as long as you’re affected by the chaos state debuff while in the Abyss.

Its entire body has 42 segments and none of them can take damage or deal contact damage except the head, which has to be visible.

Through its progression phases, this boss can teleport, charge toward a player at high speeds, become visible, summon lightning bolts and direct towards a player, summon homing ice mist and direct towards a player, fire projectiles from its body segments, fire ancient light, and fire shadow fireballs.

The only drop from Adult Eidolon Wyrm when killed is Halibut Cannon, a superior endgame gun.


The available mini-bosses in Terraria Calamity are:

1. Giant Clam

This is the first mini boss you’ll encounter. It doesn’t present too much of a challenge considering it’s mainly passive, immobile, and closed up until a player hits it 5 times. Its best attack moves are to teleport above a player and fall on them and close itself up to spawn 3 more Giant Clams for backup.

Its main drops after a defeat are the Giant Pearl in pre-hardmode, and Mollusk Husks, the Clamor Rifle, the Poseidon, the Clam Crusher, and the Shellfish Staff in hardmode.

2. Earth Elemental

This is a rare, gladiator-like hardmode boss that fights by charging and firing rocks at players. It’s mainly found underground. So, players should be careful when mining.

Its drops include weapons like Slag Magnum, AfterShock, Earthen Pike, and the Artifact that triggers a sandstorm after use.

3. Cloud Elemental

Another rare, hardmode mini boss that’s usually spotted moving through the air and tiles while it’s raining. It attacks occasionally by dropping 3 tornadoes near a player.

Its main drop is the Eye of the Storm which you can use to summon a friendly Cloud Elemental, or craft into the Storm Saber or the Heart of Elements.

4. Cragmaw Mire

Cragmaw Mire terraria

From spawning in the Acid rain event to firing lasers and acid bubbles toward a player, this mini-boss doesn’t present much of a challenge. It’s completely stationary.

When killed it drops the Nuclear rod and the Spent Fuel Container.

5. Armored Digger

This is a worm-like mini-boss found in the Cavern layer after the defeat of Plantera. It attacks by charging at players and firing projectiles. It drops Mysterious Circuitry, Dubious Plating, Demonic Bone Ash, and Draedon’s remote.

6. Great Sand Shark

The Great Sand Shark spawns either by killing 10 Sand Sharks or being summoned in the desert using a Sandstorm’s core. This boss swims through sand and comes out occasionally to attack a player. Also, it can summon other sand sharks to help.

It drops a grand scale when defeated.

7. Plaguebringer

After Golem’s defeat, the Plaguebringer will show up in the Jungle randomly. It will attack by ramming at a player, firing plague rockets, or spawning plague chargers to help.

It drops the plagued fuel pack and plague cell canisters.

8. Mauler

The Mauler spawns in the Sulphurous sea and moves around passively until a player gets close or deals it damage. Only then will it charge towards the player while shooting Sulphuric mist. If it stays out of water for long it explodes.

It drops Sulphuric acid cannon after Polterghast’s defeat and Shark fins.

9. Colossal Squid

Colossal Squid terraria

Just like the Mauler above, this boss stays passive until a player moves close or deals damage to it. However, it attacks in two different ways. First, it will float above a player and try to fall on them thereby crashing the player. Secondly, it shoots ink bombs at the player.

The Colossal squid is found in the third layer of the Abyss and drops black ink and the Calamari’s lament (after Polterghast’s defeat).

10. Reaper Shark

You will find the Reaper Shark in the two lowest ranks of the Abyss. It’s a strong mini-boss that minds its business until a player moves too close or hits it. Usually, it responds by charging fast toward the player.

After Polterghast’s defeat, it drops Anechoic Coating, Reaper Teeth, Deep Sea Dumbbell, and Valediction.

11. Eidolon Wyrm

Eidolon Wyrm is an inhabitant of the two lowest layers of the Abyss. You’ll find it floating around unperturbed. But, once you attack, it responds by ramming at you with its head or summoning streaks of lightning and ice shards.

It drops Voidstone, Ectoplasm, and Lumenyi. Plus Eidolic Wall and Soul Edge after Polterghast’s defeat.

12. Nuclear Terror

Nuclear Terror Terraria

Wrapping up the list of mini-bosses is a lethal, radioactive boss that spawns in the acid rain event after Polterghast’s defeat. It attacks by teleporting and firing irradiated shots at a player.

Its drops are Gamma Heart and Phosphorescent Gauntlet.

With this breakdown, we hope to have answered the questions “What is the order of bosses in Terraria Calamity?” and “How many bosses are in Terraria Calamity”. We’ll keep you posted whenever new bosses are added, so be sure to check back often.