What do llamas eat in Minecraft to breed?

What do you feed llamas to breed? That’s a question many Minecraft gamers ask themselves when in need of more llamas in the game.

Before you get into multiplying their count, you need to know llamas’ eating and breeding habits and other personal traits. This way, you’ll know how to interact with them in the game.

Where do you find llamas to breed in Minecraft?

First, llamas are neutral mobs that spawn naturally above grass blocks in the savanna (Bedrock edition only), windswept hills, and savanna plateau biomes. They need a light level of 7 and above to spawn successfully.

In the windswept biomes, they spawn herds of 4 to 6 llamas, and only a heard of 4 llamas in the savanna plateau and savanna biomes. Also, there are trader llamas that spawn (2 llamas) with wandering traders and follow them throughout the game.

That said, to breed llamas in Minecraft bedrock, java, and other editions, you must tame them first.

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Follow this guide to tame llamas in Minecraft:

  • Find the llamas.
  • Press use on the llama while holding nothing to ride them.
  • Hop on the llama and try to ride it.
  • It will knock you off a couple of times, so keep trying.
  • To increase your chances of succeeding, you need to boost the llama’s temper by feeding it.
  • When you finally succeed in taming the llama, hearts will appear above its head.
  • To control the llama, use a lead. It will follow you wherever you go.
  • Using the lead on a llama will get other llamas nearby (up to 9) that are not part of a caravan to follow the tamed llama.
  • The best place to take the llamas would be on an animal farm in a closed area so they don’t wander off.
  • You should note that even after taming the llama, it can retaliate if you hit it.

How do you breed llamas in Minecraft?

After taming 2 llamas and placing them in an enclosed area, you need to feed them hay bale to breed. You’ll find the hay bale in plains, savanna, and desert villages.

You can use any tool to mine it, but a hoe gets the job done faster. Alternatively, when you put 1 wheat in each of the squares on the 3×3 crafting grid, they’ll produce 1 hay bale.

To breed llamas in Minecraft PE, java, or even bedrock, ensure you have 1-3 hay bales. Next, approach the tamed llamas and feed them the hay bales. They will enter love mode, and after a few seconds, a baby llama (Cria) will spawn near the parents.

Two adult Llamas and a baby Llama

How do you breed a wandering trader llama?

In Minecraft Java edition, you can tame and breed trader llamas when the owner (trader) dies. The baby trader llama usually spawns wearing a baby-sized, trader-style carpet. Unfortunately, you can’t truly own the trader llamas.

In Minecraft Bedrock edition, you can’t breed trader llamas. However, you can interact with them.

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Character traits of the baby llama

  • Appearance: The baby llama will randomly take the appearance of one of its parents. And since llamas come in 4 main colors, it could be white, gray, cream, or brown.
  • Strength: The strength stat of the baby llama is also randomized and falls between 1 and the strength stat of the strongest parent. So, to boost the chance of having a strong baby llama, one of the parents should have a high strength stat. 3% of the time, the chosen strength stat is increased by 1, but it’s limited to 5.
  • Health: The health stat of the baby llama is the sum total of the parents’ health stats plus a random value divided by 3.

If you want the baby llamas to mature faster, feed them wheat or hay bales.

How to use llamas in Minecraft

One of the key reasons players learn how to breed llamas in Minecraft Java is so that they can tame and use them to transport items. First, you need to approach a tamed llama and right-click or press the left trigger to put a chest on it.

After that, the llama can carry between 3 to 15 items depending on its strength.

  • 1 llama strength = 3 item slots
  • 2 llama strength = 6 item slots
  • 3 llama strength = 9 item slots
  • 4 llama strength = 12 item slots
  • 5 llama strength = 15 item slots

When you kill a llama, it drops 0 to 2 leather, any equipped carpet and chest, and all the items in their inventory.

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Why won’t llamas breed in Minecraft?

Llamas may fail to breed in Minecraft because:

  • You’ve not tamed the llamas.
  • You’ve not fed them enough hay bales to enter love mode.
  • They are not close to each other.


That’s it for what to feed llamas in Minecraft to breed. You should get enough hay bales to breed as many llamas as you want.