The best level 10 synchro monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

In Yu-Gi-Oh, the best monsters have a lot of impact on the gameplay. For one, they boost the strength of your card deck significantly and help you score easy wins against opponents. So, if you want an early advantage, you should try to get them immediately after the game starts. If you need help, here is our list of the best level 10 synchro monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

The top 14 level 10 synchro monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

1. Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh! image

ATK: 2800

DEF: 2400

Topping the list of level 10 synchro monsters is a dragon-type monster that adds a lot of value to a dragon-type deck. To special summon it (from your hand), you have to banish 1 face-up dragon monster under your control. You can only do that once per turn. However, with this card on your deck during the main phase, you can special summon any Dragon monster from your hand or graveyard once per turn.

2. Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend

Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend wallpaper

ATK: 3500

DEF: 3000

Your opponents don’t stand a chance against this card. It destroys all the other cards on the field during your main phase 1. It’s extremely powerful that the other monsters under your control are not allowed to attack during that turn.

You need 2 tuners and 1 or more non-tuner monsters to synchro summon this card. This can only happen once per turn. Then, when a spell/trap card is activated in a battle phase, you can negate the activation. In which case, you should destroy that card for this card to gain 500 ATK.

3. Obelisk Tormentor

Obelisk Tormentorwallpaper

ATK: 4000

DEF: 4000

It takes 3 tributes to summon this card normally. No one can negate the summon or activate the cards and effects. These include spell cards, trap cards, and effect monsters. Also, no one can target the card with card effects, and it easily destroys all the monsters your opponent controls.

The Obelisk Tormentor card can’t attack and will send itself from field to graveyard.

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4. Beelzeus of the diabolic dragons

ATK: 4000

DEF: 4000

The Beelzeus of the diabolical dragons strikes a good balance regarding power and its trade-offs. To summon it, you require 1 DARK runner and 2 or more non-tuner synchro monsters. On the other hand, it’s impossible to destroy the card by battle or card effects, and it prevents other monsters under your control from attacking.

You can target one of your opponent’s monsters per turn, and whatever damage the monster takes will be halved while their ATK turns 0.

5. Goyo emperor

Goyo yu-gi-oh cards

ATK: 3300

DEF: 2500

Summoning Goyo Emperor requires 2 EARTH warrior-type synchro monsters. It’s a solid card with a lot to offer. For one, when the card or a monster under your control but owned by the opponent attacks and destroys an opponent’s monster, you can special summon that monster from the graveyard to your side.

On the other hand, when your opponent summons a monster before or after the Damage Step, this card can Tribute 1 EARTH warrior-Type synchro monster and control that monster. Then, when this card leaves the field, control of the monsters shifts back to the owners.

6. Apoqliphort towers

Apoqliphort towers wallpaper

ATK: 3000

DEF: 2600

First, this card is only available in decks using Qli monsters. It requires 3 Qli Tributes to be normal summoned. The Qlis are pendulum creatures that you can find easily. So, it shouldn’t be hard to summon a few Apoqliphort towers.

It’s not affected by spells, traps, or any effects of monsters below its level. The other crucial effect of this card is its ability to lower the ATK and DEF of any special-summoned creature by 500 every turn. Also, you can make the opponent send 1 monster from their side to the graveyard.

7. Stardust Dragon/assault mode

Stardust Dragon/assault mode cards

ATK: 3000

DEF: 2500

It takes a lot to summon this card. But considering its immense value to a deck, it’s worth it. To begin, you can’t normal-summon Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode. Instead, you should special summon it while the Assault Mode Activate is active, and it must be by its effect.

Its strength can lay waste to many enemies. But, its ability to negate anything is what makes it dangerous. It would even sacrifice itself to negate a monster’s effect, trap, or spell, then revive itself later when the turn ends.

If the opponent gets lucky and destroys this monster card, you can easily summon it from the graveyard and continue with the game.

8. Naturia Gaiastrio

Naturia Gaiastrio cards

ATK: 3200

DEF: 2100

Summoning of Naturia Gaiastrio requires 2 EARTH synchro monsters. Then, after being summoned, this card negates the activation of spell cards, trap cards, and effect monsters effect. Also, it can destroy monster cards, spell cards, and traps cards.

Lastly, while playing and a card or effect is activated to target one card on the field, you can send one card from your hand to the graveyard.

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9. D.D Esper star sparrow

D.D Esper Star Sparrow card

ATK: 3000

DEF: 1500

If you have weaker monsters on your team, D.D Esper Star Sparrow is the monster card to get. It provides great defense and a very powerful attack. Plus, your opponents can’t target any monsters under your control when this card is on the field.

Even if it gets destroyed, you can special summon the card from your graveyard when the opponent attacks directly. It will take a defensive position and absorb the hit(s) from the opponent. If the opponent’s monster has an attack of more than 1500, the D.D Esper Star Sparrow will absorb it and then get carried from the play. But, if the monster has 1500 or less ATK, the D.D Esper Star Sparrow will take it and remain in play.

10. Leo the keeper of the sacred tree

Leo the keeper of the sacred tree wallpaper

ATK: 3100

DEF: 1900

No deck is complete without a lion. Leo the keeper of the sacred tree, is a simple and highly reliable monster. You only need 1 tuner and 1 non-tuner monster to summon the card. Thanks to the card’s effects, opponents can’t target it except in Main phase 2.

11. Ally of Justice decisive Armor

Ally of Justice decisive Armor cards

ATK: 3300

DEF: 3300

With 1 tuner and 2 or more non-tuner monsters, you can summon this card to annihilate your opponent. Its effects include destroying your opponent’s face-down monster cards, spell cards, and trap cards. Additionally, it reveals your opponent’s hand and sends their hand to the graveyard. Then, it inflicts damage to the opponent, equivalent to the ATK of the monsters sent to the graveyard.

12. Tragoedia

Tragoedia card



Unlike the other cards on the list, Tragoedia is a card you special summon after taking battle damage. It gains ATK and DEF. For every card in your hand, it gains 600 ATK/DEF once in every turn. Therefore, you should consider summoning it when you have many cards.

13. Nirvana High Paladin

Nirvana High Paladin wallpaper

ATK: 3300

DEF: 2500

This is the only card on the list that you’ll find in the monster and pendulum zones. In the monster zone, you require 1 tuner and 1 or more non-tuner monsters to synchro summon it. You can rely on the card to prevent battle damage while causing significant damage to opponents.

It treats monsters as tuner monsters, makes opponent’s monsters lose ATK, can add from the graveyard to hand, and can’t be destroyed by battle. Also, it can easily move to the pendulum zone.

14. Ultimate Axon Kicker

Ultimate Axon Kicker card

ATK: 2900

DEF: 1700

Closing the list of 10 star Yugioh cards is the Ultimate Axon Kicker. A psychic-type synchro monster that can deliver an easy win if protected. You can only special summon it by fusion summon (from the extra deck).

Card effects can’t destroy this card, and when destroys an opponent’s monsters in battle, you gain life points equivalent to the destroyed monster’s ATK.


What do you think about our top-level 10 monsters in Yugioh? Did we leave out any 10 star monsters that should’ve made the cut? Tell us which ones and why they should be among the best level 10 monsters.