How do you open the piggy bank in Township?

Township is a city-building video game aimed at building factories, casual farming, and creating goods. The game has many special features, including the piggy bank and an occasional optional bonus.

In Township, having a piggy bank is not a necessity. However, it is commendable that you open one. This article will explain how to open a piggy bank and how it works. You will also learn how to opt out of the piggy bank in Township.

How to open the piggy bank in Township

Before you open the piggy bank, you should save up the required minimum amount of Township Cash as per the offer. Note that you can only use real money to purchase the Township Cash that you get to put into the piggy bank.

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You can continue saving up beyond the minimum amount required to open the piggy bank. The maximum amount of Township Cash saved in the piggy bank will be displayed in the special offer window. 

How does the piggy bank work in Township?

Piggy bank in Township

The piggy bank is a special feature offered by Township that allows you to buy Township Cash for real money at great prices. 

With this offer, Township Cash is added to your piggy bank every time you send off trains, planes, and helicopters. The amount of Township Cash deposited in your piggy bank varies for every means of transport you send off.

When the minimum amount has been saved up, you can purchase it all at once. You can also continue saving to buy it at a better price. Remember that you cannot open the piggy bank in Township without paying. You, therefore, need to spend some real money to earn some Township Cash for the piggy bank.

The good thing about the piggy bank is that it does not affect the regular rewards that you get for dispatching trains, planes, and helicopters. You can also fill and purchase the piggy bank as many times as you want, as long as the special offer is on. 

If the special offer ends and there is some Township Cash left in the piggy bank, you will start saving up from the same amount when the offer comes up again. 

Can I get rid of the piggy bank in Township?

No, you cannot. Opening a piggy bank is an optional choice. Therefore, you don’t have to open it if you do not want to.

However, if you have subscribed to it, you cannot get rid of it until the special offer is over.

Why has the piggy bank disappeared in Township

The reason why the piggy bank may disappear in Township is that its special offer has expired. It may reappear later, and you can continue saving up from the Township cash you left.

You should also remember that the piggy bank collects Township Cash for actions you cannot get using a normal T-Cash.