How to put on multiple hairs on Roblox mobile and PC

Roblox gamers know that it is fun to change the appearance of your characters in the game. The platform offers multiple ways to customize your character’s looks in any way you would like. One way to do it is to wear multiple hairs. You can do it on Roblox mobile and PC.

Note that you won’t just be able to alter the hair but also the outfit, and eye color, among others. However, in this article, we will focus on how you can wear multiple hairs.

How to put on more than one hair in Roblox

  • Launch the Roblox website on your PC, tablet, or phone, then login to your profile.
  • Click on the “Avatar Editor” and find the “Body” menu.
  • Select “Hair”  from the sub-menu.
  • Select one hair you’d like the character to wear. That will be the base hair, and you’ll see it on your Avatar immediately.
  • Select another hair by right-clicking on it, then click on “Copy Link Address.” Alternatively, click on the hair and when it opens,  go to the address bar and copy the number ID on the link. It’s the set of numbers after catalog/.
  • Go back to the Avatar and select “Hair.”
  • Scroll down and pick “Advanced.”
  • Paste the ID in the first empty “Asset ID” then “Save.” You can paste the full link address for those who had copied the full link address and then delete the other parts to remain with the ID.
  • Click on  “Save” again when a pop-up asking if you wish to override the current look appears.
  • Check your Roblox Avatar to confirm if it is wearing both hairstyles.

If you wish to wear 3 hairs, get another ID and paste in the next empty asset ID. Just follow the same procedure for each hair.

You could put up to 10 hairstyles on your Roblox character at ago. Therefore, if you think you can pull off a good look past two hairs, why not go for it? You might start a trend that your friends would love to emulate.

Can you wear multiple hairs on Roblox mobile?

Unfortunately, at the moment, it’s impossible to equip your character with multiple hairs on Roblox mobile using the app. 

You’ll have to log in through the Roblox website. This also applies when you want to wear multiple hairs on Roblox iPad or tablet.


So, if you’ve been struggling to choose multiple hairs that you like on Roblox because they all look good on your character, you now have an ideal solution.

You can also try out different combinations to emulate the looks that you have always fancied on your favorite celebrities. Make sure to check Roblox’s hair catalog for options to use.

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