Who is the best hero in Bloons TD 6? Updated hero tier list

BTD 6 is the sixth game in the Bloons Tower Defense game series. The game has a number of heroes with unique abilities and looks. So, who is the best hero in Bloons TD 6?

It can be challenging to choose the best hero monkey to play with. However, with a list of the best heroes in Blooms Tower Defense according to their abilities, you will know where to spend your Monkey Money.

14 best heroes in Bloons TD 6

These are the top heroes in Bloons TD 6:

14. Gwendolin The Pyromaniac

Gwendolin The Pyromaniac

Gwendolin is a powerful hero but can be useless at the same time. She comes in handy when you have a problem handling lead Bloons or MOAB-class Bloons. She also has a unique upgrade, a fire-based ability specializing in crowd control and popping lead Bloons.

Gwendolin can create a Wall of Fire and buff monkeys nearby, enabling them to cause damage over time. Due to her few abilities, she is priced at a low cost as other heroes are better than her. You should, therefore, not expect much from her.

13. Ezili the Voodoo Monkey

Ezili the Voodoo Monkey

The purple-colored Monkey Hero has a powerful Heartstopper ability that prevents Bloon regrowth.

She also has a Sacrificial Totem that buffs monkeys nearby by ten lives. As strong as the totem is, it survives on lives and is unusable on CHIMPS and Impoppable.

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12. Admiral Brickell, the Naval Commander

Admiral Brickell, the Naval Commander

The water levels in BTD 6 are fun and adventurous, and Admiral Brickell makes them more fun. One of her abilities is the Naval Tactics, which buffs nearby monkeys and Mega Mine in water.

To enable her abilities, she must be placed on water. She can also blast a grand buff to water monkeys when she reaches a high enough level.

Admiral Brickell is a powerful hero, but not powerful enough. This is because there are few maps in the game that require protection from water monkeys. If you, however, reach the water map, Admiral Brickell is the best choice.

11. Quincy the Archer

Quincy the Archer

Quincy is the default hero you play with at the beginning of the game. He has a lot of abilities compared to his predecessors.

Also known as the flexible archer, he can launch sharp objects and arrows for crowd control. His other advantage is that he is cheap, making him most available when your monkey money is limited.

10. Adora, the High Priestess

Adora, the High Priestess

Do not be deceived by her angelic appearance and look; Adora is a brutal killer of Bloons. She has a strong default attack and abilities such as The Long Arm of the Light and Ball of Light. They allow her to cause massive damage by powering herself up and attacking a large area.

She also has an interesting Blood Sacrifice ability that allows you to sacrifice the chosen tower to her. In return, she gets a temporary buff and a large sum of permanent XP. She is, however, not the best for CHIMPS because of her dependence on sacrifices.

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9. Obyn Greenfoot, the Forest Guardian

Obyn Greenfoot, the Forest Guardian

Obyn has a special ability to use spirit wolves that target and destroy Bloons. This way, you can destroy a large crowd of Bloons, including the Lean Bloons, in a short span.

Obyn Greenfoot’s weakness is that he is helpless against the Camo and Purple Bloons. What’s great about Obyn Greenfoot is that you can unlock him for free.

When he levels up, he gets great synergy with Druids that enable him to serve as a string cornerstone of any magic defenses you have set up. The Wall of Trees is a powerful blockade that explodes to money when destroyed. He also has the Brambles ability to place a bush on the path and burst 50 Bloons that it hits.

8. Striker Jones, the Artillery Commander

Striker Jones, the Artillery Commander

Striker Jones is among the new heroes in the Bloons Tower Defense series who specialize in military weaponry. His only weakness is that he cannot defeat camo and Black Bloons until level 5. He has two abilities namely, the Concussive Shell unlocked in level 3 and Artillery Command which is unlocked in level 10.

The Concussive Shell shoots a strong concussive missile at the strongest Bloons or any Bloon on screen. The Artillery Command ability resets the cooldown on the Bomb Shooters and Mortar Monkeys for 80 seconds.

7. Pat Fusty the Giant Monkey

Pat Fusty the Giant Monkey

Pat Fusty has a special ability called the Rallying Roar ability that buffs towers around him. The Big Squeeze ability grabs and destroys a MOAB class that is nearby. In addition to that, you can combine his awesome attacks and abilities to destroy the Bloons at all levels.

Interestingly, Pat Fusty can be placed on both land and water, hence making him the only hero with such an ability. Pat Fusty is a great hero for BTD 6 beginners and experienced players alike.

6. Psi The Psionic Monkey

Psi The Psionic Monkey

Psi is a special hero who has the Psionic Scream which freezes and wrecks all Bloons near him. When you reach level 20, Psi’s Psionic Scream can destroy everything on the screen.

They also have the Psychic Blast ability that handles damage and knockback on the affected area. Even though it’s not a great ability, it can come in handy at certain levels.

5. Captain Churchill the Tank

Captain Churchill the Tank

Captain Churchill is a Bloon TD hero famous for the massive raw damage he inflicts. His special ability involves clearing out a particular set of Bloons along a path by firing shells. When you reach level three, Captain Churchill acquires a fast-firing machine gun that tears through a large crowd of Bloons. At level six, he sees a camo, which covers his only weakness.

You can combine his deadly attacks and abilities and make him one of the best damage heroes in the hero tier list in BTD 6. He is, however, so expensive and you can only use him on certain levels or maps.

4. Sauda, The Swords Master

Sauda, The Swords Master

Sauda, also known as the sword-wielder or the ruthless swordswoman, is a great hero in Bloons TD 6. She has various abilities such as great damage and speed with her swords. Her Leaping Sword Attack enables her to block the track and pop Bloons, including the Lead Bloons.

At level 10, it is upgraded to Sword Charge, which clears the entire track and every Bloon in her path. She also has a unique ability called the Camo Detection that enables her to see camo. This ability makes her appear among the top four best heroes in BTD 6.

3. Benjamin The Code Monkey

Benjamin The Code Monkey

Benjamin is the only hero who has cash production abilities in BTD 6. Unlike the other heroes, he is less of an attacker but more of a productive hero. There are various reasons why he is an important hero in your Bloons Tower Defense squad. When you reach level 4, he has a special ability called Skimming passive that earns you one monkey dollar when a Bloon is spawned.

Benjamin is a beneficial hero because through him, you can earn double your early-game income and build farms at a faster rate. He also has the Biohack ability that buffs monkeys that are nearby, and the Symphon Funding that destroys all incoming Bloons and earn double monkey cash by popping them. He can also boost the interest rates earned in the Monkey Banks.

2. Etienne, The Drone Operator

Etienne, The Drone Operator

Etienne’s role is to fly his drones and use them to shoot approaching Bloons. His Drone Swarm ability enables him to generate more drones to increase firepower. He also has the UCAV ability that calls a bigger drone that operates like a Monkey Ace. The UCAV is a massive destroying ability, but Etienne has a lot of value with his combat skill level-ups.

When you reach level 8, Etienne allows every tower on the map to see the Camo Bloons. At level 20, the UCAV ability becomes permanent and, in the process, increases his damage ability.

1. Geraldo The Mystic Merchant

Geraldo The Mystic Merchant

Geraldo is the newly introduced and the best hero in BTD 6. He is also very different from the other heroes. When other heroes gain abilities as they level up, he first starts with a shop, hence the nickname The Mystic Merchant. You can access this shop and he can add or upgrade his supply as he level-ups.

What is great about Geraldo’s shop is that whatever he sells is very cheap and useful. Among his supplies are the Shooty Turrets that can help you in the early game and the Sharpening Stone that is great for shining.

He also earns more XP in each level to unlock his upgrade regardless of the Bloons he pops. Geraldo also has a special ability to be automatically upgraded once he is placed.