How to buy Robux with Google Play

Are you looking to enhance your Roblox experience with extra purchases? Robux is the sure way to go. Robux is the currency for Roblox and the best way to unlock the full Roblox experience. 

There are several ways to get hold of Robux. The easiest and most common way is via Roblox eGift Card. Another way you can access Robux is through Google Play and the Apple App store.

It is, however, a tricky process, and there are a few steps to follow. I’ll explain how to buy Robux with Google Play in this article.

Steps to buy Robux on Google Play with a Gift Card

Buying Robux on Android mobiles and tablets is quite easy. Just ensure you have an active internet connection on the device and follow the following steps below:

Step 1: Launch the Google Play Store app

Step 2: Navigate to payment methods and select ‘redeem a gift card’

Step 4: Key in your Google Play gift card code

Step 5: Go ahead and click on confirm payment.

Step 6: Go back to Roblox by clicking on its app icon

Step 7: Click on the desired Robux and select buy. 

These simple steps are all you need to have your Robux. It is important to note that Google Play eGift Cards will not work on iOS devices. Below are steps to buying Robux on iOS devices.

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How to get Robux with Google Play on iPhone

The first step is to download Roblox on your device. Go to App Store and download the app. You can also use a code to access the app. 

Once you have installed the Roblox app, navigate to the top right corner where your balance displays. Tap on buy Robux, and a pop-up screen should appear. 

Select a payment method that is connected to your Google Play credit. A confirmation screen will appear to complete the purchase. Click Confirm to complete the process.

How to get buy Robux with Google Play credit

Google Play Credit is the balance amount you have on your Google Play account. The balance can be used to purchase apps and other in-game content. With your purchases, you will earn Google Play points which are quite helpful in purchasing Robux. 

Google Play Points are rewarded for purchases of digital content and downloads from Google Play. The rewards can be redeemed for Google Play eGift, which can be used to purchase Robux.

If you are still stuck on how to get an eGift card, Google Play Points is a good place to start. 

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Other ways to get Robux on Google Play and iOS devices. 

The easiest way to purchase Robux is through Roblox premium. The premium service can be considered a costly but packed way to experience Roblox. The first notable advantage of this purchase is that you get a 10% discount when purchasing Robux. 

This means more Robux for less amounts. The premier service continues to offer daily Robux rewards. With this service, you can create groups and assort Robux from friends. Additionally, most items you intend to purchase with Robux are easily available on the Roblox premium purchase.

How to Buy Robux with Google Play credit on PC

For players enjoying Roblox on PC, it is still possible to purchase Robux on this platform with your Google Play account. Here are the steps to buy Robux

  1. Open the Roblox app
  2. Select the buy now option
  3. Check the code on your Google Play Card and enter it.
  4. The app will display your Robux balance at the top right of the screen.
  5. Enter the code, and a confirmation window will appear. 
  6. Click confirm to complete the purchase. 

The above steps are guaranteed to help you purchase Robux on any device. There are still a few other ways to help you get in-app purchases. You can start by increasing your Google Play Credit. 

The more credits you have, the more Robux you will get. You can participate in Google opinion rewards to earn these credits without spending. This is a program that will earn you credit by taking short surveys. 

You can then decide how to spend the credit you earn. Redeeming the credit for Robux is an option that you can opt for. 

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