FUT 23 web app is not working? Troubleshooting guide

The Fifa Ultimate Team web app or FUT web app is a FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Edition feature that enhances gameplay by allowing players to make massive customizations to their teams on the go. 

The customization ranges from squads, matchmaking settings, stadiums, icons, and reward packs. In this guide, I’ll show you how to troubleshoot common problems experienced on the FUT 23 web app or when the app is not working. 

Can’t download the FUT web app?

The FUT web app is a web-based application that can only be accessed via an online browser. The app is, therefore, not available for download on Google Play Store or Apple App store. 

If you are looking for a version that can be downloaded, you should consider FUT Companion App. The companion app can be downloaded on mobile devices, offering a similar experience to the FUT web app. 

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How to fix FUT web app login issues

If you Can’t log into to FUT web app, here are a few steps to help you get access.

1. Purchase the full FIFA 23 release

FUT web app is only available to users with access to the FIFA 23 game. The web app will not work on accounts without the game. 

You should first login into the game before accessing the FUT Web or Companion app. Users with previous releases like FIFA 21 will still get prompts to log in to FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 match

2. Sign in first

The next step in accessing the FUT web app is to log in to your EA account. Visit this login page, then enter your email address or phone number and password to log in. 

If you do not have an EA account, you must sign up for one.  Creating an account is free. When setting up an EA account, you need your email address, select a password, and your country of origin.

3. Check your login credentials

Ensure you input the right login details when signing in to the FUT web app. In most cases, users have failed to log in not because of any errors with the website but due to wrong login details.

The good thing is that all you need to do is recover your login details using the forgot password option. You’ll then be prompted to enter a new password before logging in.

FUT web app is down? How to fix

This is a common error you will probably experience a few times. The simple fix for this is to clear your browser cache. If this does not work, try accessing the app through a different browser. 

If the error still persists, you may have to try logging in after a while. Overloaded servers mainly cause the error. This usually results in downtime. However, as spaces free up, you should easily get access. 

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The app is not loading the game

FUT web app will require internet access for it to work. Check to see whether your cellular data or Wi-Fi connection is turned on. 

You might need to restart your device if there is no Wi-Fi. Check if the connection is restored after the restart. If not, you might need to contact your ISP.

Can’t create multiple user accounts on FUT web App

The Fut web app is primarily linked to your email address. This means you can still access multiple FUT accounts for your different consoles. You must set up a new EA account with a different email address. 

This will give you a new avatar, and you will have to build your progress from scratch. This is particularly helpful for users with restrictions such as transfer market bans. To use a different account on the same console, you must first sign out from the previous account. 

How do I remove restriction access on the FUT web app?

EA content is currently unavailable in certain regions. FUT being a product of EA, is also unavailable in several regions. Some of these regions include Cuba, Belarus, and Iran. Try accessing the content from regions without restrictions. 

Another restriction is that new FUT web app users must get access to the transfer market and similar features. There are key milestones to be completed before the full experience is unleashed. Check the EA website for guidelines.

The above fixes should help you be on your way to creating the perfect FUT team. If you are still having other issues with the FUT 23 web app or it is still not working, let us know, and we’ll do our best to help you.