FIFA 23: Controller Keeps Scrolling on Its Own

A couple of bugs have been reported ever since FIFA 23 came out. One of them is where the controller keeps scrolling on its own.

The problem can be frustrating whether you play on a PC or a gaming device. It is also harder to pinpoint exactly where the issue comes from.

However, from our research, we realized it mostly occurs for PC users. We also discovered potential causes of the problem and ways to fix them.

Troubleshoot a PC controller moving on its own while playing FIFA 23.

The PC controller is constantly scrolling down on its own while gaming FIFA 23 due to bugs and glitches that result in your controller scrolling on its own. While FIFA hasn’t released a patch, you can fix the problem through these methods.

1. Add FIFA 23 to Steam

Origin doesn’t recognize PS4 and Xbox controllers when gaming FIFA 23 on the PC platform. To get around the issue, Steam has specialized drivers for PS4 and Xbox controllers.

You should, therefore, game through Steam if you really want to use a controller when gaming.

  • Launch Steam and then navigate to the Steam Library.
  • Locate the “Add Game” link at the bottom and select “Add a Non-Steam Game.”
  • A selection of games will be displayed, and you should select FIFA 23.
  • Next, select “Add Selected Programs,” and FIFA 23 will be added to your Steam Library.

Remember not to set Steam as an Admin since it may cause an anti-cheat error.

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2. Set FIFA 23 to Big Picture Mode

Using a PS4 controller, you can try adding FIFA 23 to Steam and launching the game via Big Picture Mode. Below is how you can go about it:

  • Once you have launched FIFA 23 via Steam, locate the Big Picture icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on “Settings” and “Controller Settings” from the Big Picture Mode menu. You will find the controller-specific driver support there.
  • Check the boxes next to PlayStation Configuration Support and Xbox Configuration Support. Your controller and the drivers will be linked, and your controller will vibrate to acknowledge this.
  • Go to your library and select FIFA 23.
  • Find and select the “Manage Shortcuts” option on the screen and then choose Controller options.
  • You should uncheck both choices and choose “Steam Input per-game Setting.”
  • Hit “When Forced On” and then click OK.
  • Now you can launch FIFA with Steam and the Big Picture Mode.

3. Connect your controller via cable

The controller glitch on FIFA 23 may be a result of Bluetooth connectivity. You can fix your controller by connecting the controller to your PC via a cable.

Try connecting to a different controller if it works via cable but not via Bluetooth. You need to get a working controller or have yours fixed if it works.

4. Update your controller

Your controller may experience a scrolling bug because it is outdated and hence experiencing glitches.

The solution is to visit Xbox Accessories in Microsoft if you are using an Xbox controller. Next, connect your Xbox controller to the PC and run an update through the app.