FIFA 23 Crashes When Opening Packs On a PC

FIFA 23 crashes when opening packs on a PC, usually due to a graphics issue. The issue has been recurring since the initial version of the game.

Our research found that the error comes from the graphics displayed just after launching packs, especially the gold pack. This indicates either an issue with the pack animation or your graphics card.

Troubleshooting: FIFA 23 crashes when installing packs

Sadly, there is no official way to fix the FIFA 23 opening issue. The company and its developers have yet to raise an update concerning the issue. Players seeking an official solution may have to wait for a while.

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However, we’ve found that the following steps fix the issue where FIFA 23 packs crash immediately after opening because of the game’s spray graphics.

1. Check the PC’s graphics card driver.

The most common issue causing FIFA 23 packs not to load is an issue with your PC’s graphics and drivers. The issue is common, especially for players using Radeon RX Vega and NVIDIA 1000 series graphics cards.

The manufacturers behind these graphics cards haven’t addressed the issue yet. However, ensuring that your graphics card is updated to the latest version can help you take advantage of later updates that may fix the issue.

2. Skip the pack animation

You can skip the pack animation to stop FIFA 23 game from crashing by pressing the X button on your console pad. That way, the spray graphics will not stop the normal running of the game.

The two solutions mentioned above are temporary, and you will still experience pack crashes when opening the Gold or Special Pack. So what remains is for the players to be patient for an update or solution from the official EA Sports.