How to make a sponge in Minecraft (Bedrock, Survival, Pocket)

Sponges are one of the most common items in Minecraft. You can use it to collect a large amount of water in the game.

But what most gamers don’t know is that you can’t craft a sponge in some versions of the game. However, there are many ways you can get it. We have explained all of them before.

Can you make a sponge in Minecraft Bedrock?

Unfortunately, there is no sponge crafting recipe in Minecraft Bedrock or Java edition. It’s not a craftable item. 

Instead, you need to search and find it. Where, you ask? In the deep ocean.

Where to find sponges in Minecraft

You can only find sponges in ocean monuments. These are unique structures that spawn underwater and in deep ocean biomes. So, to get the sponge, you must go down there and search for the monuments.

Now, this can be challenging when you don’t know what to look for and where to start. That’s why it’s recommended you purchase ocean explorer maps from cartographer villagers for a few emeralds.

These maps usually have the location of the nearest ocean Monument. This will save you a lot of time.

Before you go, prepare the following potions and take them with you:

  • Potion of night vision: Enables you to see in the dark or underwater.
  • Potion of regeneration: Helps to restore health over time.
  • Potion of water breathing: Enables you to breathe underwater for at least 3 minutes.

You will also need a weapon like a diamond sword to help you fight enemies along the way.

How to get a sponge in Ocean Monuments

Once you get to the ocean monument, there are two ways you can get a sponge, and they determine whether you get a dry or wet sponge. These are:

1. Defeating an elder guardian

The elder guardian is the largest and strongest aquatic mob in Minecraft. You will find three of them inside the ocean monument. When you fight and kill any one of them, the elder guardians will drop either a wet or dry sponge.

You must be careful because the Elder Guardians have three deadly attacking methods; firing the laser, using a defensive thorn-like attack, and inflicting mining fatigue in Minecraft.

2. Harvesting

Instead of limiting yourself to little sponge drops from Elder Guardians (after fighting them tirelessly), you should look for the sponge room in the ocean monument and harvest to your fill.

There are approximately 30 wet sponges on the ceiling. The entrance to the sponge room is on the floor.

Even though you can use any tool to harvest the sponges, hoes break them faster.

How to get a dry sponge in Minecraft

After getting the wet sponge from the sponge room, you’ll have to dry them. To do that, follow this guide:

  • Get a furnace.
  • Put your wet sponge in the upper box of the furnace.
  • Put coal or any other fuel in the bottom box of the furnace.
  • You will get a dry sponge in the box to your right.
  • Drop the dry sponge into your inventory.

If you don’t want to use resources, get a Nether portal and put the wet sponge(s) in the Nether. It will dry out immediately.

Also, in the bedrock edition, you can dry out the wet sponge by placing it in a dry biome (savannah, desert, or plains).

Uses of a sponge in Minecraft

Sponge in Minecraft for Xbox One, PS, PC, Nintendo Switch, and other platforms are mainly used to absorb or collect large amounts of water.

When you place a sponge near water, it absorbs the water instantly and becomes wet—after which it can’t absorb any more water until you dry it in a furnace. This makes it highly reusable.

It doesn’t matter if it’s flowing or a water source block, a sponge will absorb water that’s up to 7 blocks away in all directions. The maximum number of water blocks it can absorb is 135. And, it starts absorbing the closest water block.

To use a sponge in this case, you need to collect it from your inventory, then position the pointer at the exact spot on the water block that you want the sponge to absorb water. Next, place the sponge using the following commands:

  • Education and Windows 10 editions: Right-click on the block.
  • Nintendo Switch and Wii U: Press the ZL button on the controller/gamepad.
  • PS3 and PS4: Press the L2 button on the controller.
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One: Press the LT button on the controller.
  • Pocket (PE) Edition: Tap on the block.
  • Java Edition (PC/Mac): Right-click on the block.


These are the most common questions about sponges in Minecraft:

Can you find sponges in coral reefs in Minecraft?

No, you can’t. The only sponges found in coral reefs are the sea sponges which do not absorb water when placed near a water block.

How do you get a wet sponge in Minecraft?

To get a wet sponge, you could either fight and kill an Elder Guardian to drop one wet sponge or go to the sponge room in ocean monuments to harvest the tens of wet sponges in the ceiling.

How to craft a sponge in Minecraft on your PlayStation

First, you must get a wet sponge in Ocean Monuments then put the wet sponge in the top furnace box and fuel in the bottom box. After a few minutes of cooking, you’ll end up with a sponge.


Using this guide, you should go ahead and get some sponges to put in your inventory. You might need them sooner than you imagined. If you have any questions drop them in the comment section below.