How to get chainmail armor in Minecraft

Chainmail armor is the best option for medium protection in the Minecraft Bedrock edition, aside from leather or gold. They reduce the physical damage caused by mob attacks significantly. One problem, however, is that it is a rare and least common armor type.

Despite all this, you are on a quest to get the chainmail armor in Minecraft. Like any other armor, it consists of a helmet, boots, pants, and a cuirass. Read on to learn more about where you can obtain this amour type and get some of your frequently asked questions answered.

How to make chain armor in Minecraft PE

The chain armor does not have a crafting recipe because it cannot be created without commands. You can, however, obtain them by trading, in chests, or as a rare drop from zombies and skeletons. They, however, cannot be obtained in Survival mode.

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You can trade with villagers for chainmail armor at a high price of 14 emeralds. You can also loot them in buried chests, which have a 57.2% chance of spawning there. Killing mobs such as zombies may also get you an enchanted chain armor as a rare drop.

What is the point of chain armor in Minecraft?

Minecraft armor

A chain armor provides the best protection, better than a gold armor but lesser than an iron armor.

It is, however, not worth the emeralds or attention if you are playing Minecraft only for fun since it is of medium quality. If you, however, want to complete your armor collection, then go ahead and obtain it.

How to repair chainmail armor in Minecraft

Chainmail armor is not very durable and is prone to damage while using it in mob fights.

You can repair a chainmail armor by placing it on an anvil with an iron ingot.

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Why can’t you craft chain armor in Minecraft?

The chain armor does not have a crafting recipe because it requires fire. Fire is only available using appropriate cheat codes, server commands, or third-party modification. 

If you want to create one, however, you need to obtain a fire block. Use the command ‘/give @p fire <amount>’ to obtain a fire block.

Is chainmail armor better than iron?

No, a chainmail armor is weaker than an iron armor. It protects the player slightly better than gold armor, but it is slightly inferior to iron armor.

It is because the chain is not durable as compared to iron. Note that when you smelt a chainmail armor in a furnace, you will obtain an iron nugget.