How to find and load a junk jet in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is an amazing game set in a post-apocalyptic era based on survival and strategy. The game has many great plot twists that will get you hooked for months. You play as a survivor revived 200 years after the war and have to battle and explore the nuclear wasteland.

In the game, you are equipped with unique weapons such as the Junk Jet that can create more damage. In this article, we will guide you on where you can find the Junk Jet and how to load it with ammo in Fallout 4.

Where can I find a Junk Jet in Fallout 4?

When you have met Paladin Danse earlier in the game, you will begin the Call of Arms quest to take you to the Arcjet System. You should explore this area until you find the Junk jet on a table in the rocket control room. You can load it with junk from your inventory as ammo.

This unique weapon can cause 40 damage per shot. It is a great weapon, especially when you are low on ammo and if you are not interested in building settlements in the game. You can also add it to your gun collection if you are into weapon collection.

How do you charge a Junk Jet in Fallout 4?

Junk Jet

You can charge a Junk Jet with a common and light item. An example of such an item is steel balls, which can be quickly refilled by scrapping near-worthless weapons at the workbench. You can also use an item that does not have any carry-weight, such as the pre-War money.

You should remember that you cannot load teddy bears in the Junk Jet. The reason is that they can be unavailable as ammo due to their different IDs. The only teddy bears that can be used as ammo are labeled with ID numbers ff0124c4 and ff0124c5.

How to get a Junk Jet in Fallout Shelter?

The Junk Jet is a great weapon added in Fallout Shelter after the 1.4 updates. You can get it in the game during quests or build it in the weapon workshop. The Junk Jet build involves the following materials:

  • Three alarm clocks.
  • Three Wonderglues.
  • Two shovels.

To successfully create a Junk Jet, a high-strength statistic is required. The above materials are embedded with the following requirements:

  • A weapon factory or weapon plant.
  • A rare weapon recipe.
  • 350 caps.

This unique weapon can cause damage ranging from 13 to 15 to its enemies. There are different variants of Junk Jets, such as the Tactical Junk Jet, Electrical Junk Jet, Flaming Junk Jets, Recoil Compensated Junk Jets, and the Technician’s Revenge.

How to load Junk Jet Fallout 4?

A Junk Jet is loaded with junk items such as ammunition in Fallout Shelter. It can also be modified to burn or electrify its ammunition after leaving the barrel.

You can reload it by pressing the reload button with any item in the junk category. It can also reload automatically when the Junk Jet is empty during firing.