How to use cocoa beans in Minecraft

We know about mining and crafting in Minecraft, but what about farming? Minecraft cocoa beans are among the food ingredients that allow you to practice your farming skills in the Minecraft dimension. They have a few purposes in the game, among which are dyeing and making food items. 

Cocoa beans and pods are in jungle biomes and generated from normal-sized jungle trees. If you are reading this article, you want to find cocoa beans for a particular purpose in Minecraft. This article will teach you about cocoa beans, where to find them, and their uses in the game.

Can you plant cocoa seeds in Minecraft?

You can plant cocoa trees using cocoa beans found on the jungle tree trunks. By placing a cocoa bean on the side of a jungle log, a new cocoa pod will generate.

You can also find them in chest loot, fishing in a jungle, or trading with wandering traders for an emerald.

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How do you make a cocoa bean farm in Minecraft?

Cocoa bean farm

Before making a cocoa bean farm, there are a few things that you need to consider. First on the list are the cocoa beans found on the wild side of the jungle biome. You will also need jungle logs and any axe.

The jungle logs are necessary for you to plant your cocoa beans. One log can grow four pods and should be placed on each side of the log. Once you have done this, a small green pod will start developing.

The cocoa beans’ growth has three stages. The first one is the green pod; the second stage is a light brown or orange pod followed by a large brown or red cocoa pod. In the final stage, the pod is harvested using your hands or an ax. 

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How to get cocoa beans in Minecraft without a jungle

If you do not want to grow cocoa beans or seek them in the jungle biome, there are other places you can find them. They are usually inside Chest loots in Mineshafts, where there is a 40% chance of finding up to two pods.

You can also catch them while fishing in the jungle as junk items. Alternatively, you can trade with the wandering traders for three cocoa beans in exchange for an emerald.

What can you do with cocoa beans?

There are several purposes that cocoa beans can serve in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. In most cases, cocoa beans are a direct substitute for brown dye, a banner pattern, and a crafting ingredient for many recipes.

What are cocoa beans for?

Cocoa beans have many functions including:

  • A composter that converts old food and plant materials into bonemeal. Hence, it is a useful resource for getting bonemeal.
  • Brown dye for objects and items in the game such as wool, carpet, and stained glass.
  • A crafting ingredient for cookies.
  • Decorative materials for jungle or nature-themed places.
  • A material for creating different fireworks stars colors.
  • They can also be used in banner patterns.

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