How to make a campfire in Minecraft

A campfire is one of the most important things you can craft in Minecraft. You can use it as a light source, smoke signal, or cooking food.

Fortunately, it’s simple to make, provided you have the necessary materials and follow the right procedure.

How to make a campfire in Minecraft

This guide will take you through the materials needed and how you can make the campfire in Minecraft.

Step 1: Find the materials

The first thing to do is find the materials for your campfire recipe. These are:

1. 3 sticks

Stick in Minecraft

You can find the sticks next to dead bushes while fishing or simply craft them by placing two wood blocks next to each other on the crafting grid. The crafting produces four sticks at a go.

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2. 1 coal or charcoal

Coal in Minecraft

You’ll need a pickaxe to mine coal from the ore found between 4 to 15 blocks underground for the coal or charcoal. Fortunately, the ore is usually in large deposits, and it’s easy to locate.

You could also make charcoal by burning any wood or log in a furnace while using coal. To craft coal, you simply take the mined coal ore block and place it in the first cell of the first row on the crafting grid. It will produce 9 coal on the right.

3. 3 logs or wood

Log in Minecraft

The wood or logs can come from the following tree species in Minecraft: birch, oak, spruce, jungle, acacia, and dark oak.

You can chop the trees with an ax (it’s faster) or use your hands. The number of logs you get from a tree varies from one tree to the next.

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Step 2: Launch the crafting menu


Open the crafting table to access the 3×3 crafting grid to help you make the campfire.

Step 3: Make the campfire

When crafting the campfire, you must arrange the materials correctly on the crafting grid. Start with the sticks.

The first stick should go to the second square on the first row of the grid. Put the second stick in the first square of the second row and the third stick in the third square of the second row.

Next, place the coal/charcoal in the center square—It’s the second cell on the second row.

Lastly, take the wood logs and put one in each of the squares on the last row. A campfire will appear in the cell to your right as soon as you’re done.

Step 4: Put the campfire in the inventory

Take the campfire and drag it to your inventory. It’s now ready for use anywhere in the game at any time.

NOTE: If you want to avoid all that crafting hassle, you can look for a campfire in taiga and snowy taiga villages where they spawn naturally.

The campfire lights up automatically when you place it in the game. Still, it can be lit manually by shooting it with a flaming arrow, putting flint and steel on it, and dispensing blaze fireballs, fire charges, and ghast fireballs when mob griefing is true.

In the bedrock edition of the game, the campfire can be lit with an enchanted item with some form of fire aspect. You could also step on it while burning.

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How to make a soul campfire in Minecraft

The soul campfire is a variant of the campfire. It features the following traits:

  • Produces light blue flames.
  • Has a lighting level of 10.
  • Repels Piglins that are within an 8-block radius of the soul campfire.
  • Doesn’t melt ice.

To craft the soul campfire, you’ll need three sticks, 3 logs from any tree, and a piece of soul soil. You will find the latter in the soul sand valley.

Here is the crafting procedure:

  • Open your crafting table to launch the crafting grid.
  • Take the three sticks from your inventory and place the first one in the middle cell of the first row. The two remaining sticks go to the first and third cells of the middle row.
  • Put a piece of the soul soil in the middle cell of the second row.
  • Place the wood logs in each of the three cells of the last row.
  • A soul campfire will appear to the right of your crafting grid.
  • Click on it and drag it to inventory.

Uses of a campfire

In Minecraft, you can use the campfire for the following purposes:

  • To melt close to 3 snow blocks around it.
  • As a heat source for cooking raw food (Can cook up to four food items simultaneously) within 30 seconds.
  • To light up the surrounding (level 15 lighting).
  • The smoke coming from the campfire can serve as a signal that guides you to your home base. The smoke floats up close to ten blocks, and it could extend to 24 blocks if you place the campfire on a hay bale.
  • You can also use the smoke to help you harvest honey. Put the campfire under a bee nest/beehive.
  • The campfire is a great décor accessory to your build. For instance, using it like a fireplace, stairs for your treehouse, or rails.
  • To make a campfire bridge. But, you’ll have to put out the fire.

How to put out a campfire in Minecraft

Once you’re done with the fire, you can put it off by doing the following:

  • Waterlogging (put water in the same block space).
  • Throw a splash water bottle on the campfire.
  • Use a shovel to bash the fire until it’s extinguished.
  • Breaking the campfire (this will put out the campfire and destroy it too).
  • Put a trapdoor on top of the fire. This will block all the smoke until you open it again.

Campfire command

For the java edition 1.13 and above, use the following command:

/give @p campfire 1

For PE, Xbox one, switch, windows 10, and education edition, use the following command:

/give @p campfire 1 0


With that simple campfire recipe, you can now craft your campfire and soul campfire in Minecraft and maximize their benefits in the game. Go ahead and explore the new findings.