Marquee matchup SBC not working on FIFA 23

Completing Squad building challenges is the best way to build a squad in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The mode is one of the most popular modes on FIFA. It is a form of mini-game that allows you to build squads within the game.

You can eventually trade the squad you have built for various set rewards. The challenges start quite easily and get more complex as you progress. You can compete in live challenges or compete for upgrades or basic packs.

To compete in these challenges, navigate to the Ultimate team menu and select Squad Building Challenges. This should drop right into the action.

Squad-building challenges are bound to experience a few bugs like other game modes.  The good news is that we have got you covered for that.

How to fix FIFA 23 Marquee matchup SBC glitch

Marquee matchups are fun ways of earning FIFA 23 coins. If played correctly, this feature can be quite rewarding to FIFA 23 players. But you may still wonder, how do marquee matchups work exactly?

Marquee matchups are based on key matches of the match week. The matchups are available live every Thursday at 7 pm BST. The matchups will run for the entire week on your FIFA 23 profile.

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There are different packs to be collected in this period. The packs can be collected through Squad Building Challenges or SBC.

There are moments when you launch FIFA 23 and find that the Marquee matchup SBC is not working. This could be quite unsatisfying, especially if you had prepared for this. A few glitches are known to affect FIFA 23 Marquee Matchups. Here are a few tricks to try in case the Marquee matchup SBC is not working.

1. Ensure you have a stable internet connection

Marquee matchups are online-based matches. You need to ensure you have a good internet connection before loading the mode.

Challenges such as Marquee live sessions can be greatly affected by slow internet. The menus will take more time to load than they should.

2. Check your team chemistry

The chemistry engine is the first notable change in FIFA 23 squad-building challenges. These new mechanics always seem to affect players experiencing the mode for the first time.

To ensure that you make good progress, ensure your team chemistry is optimal before participating in the challenges. This may seem like an error, but it is a new game that you should get used to.

3. Restart the game

Sometimes you might log in only to find yourself with a Broken SBC in FIFA 23. Your game files might have had issues while loading. Simply quit the game and restart it.

By doing that, you will allow the mode to reload. It is important to note different consoles will experience different issues at start-ups.

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4. Try reconnecting after a while

Another way to fix the SBC glitch on FIFA 23 is to give it time. Squad Building Challenges are online-based. Online modes highly rely on the EA servers to be efficient.

But for Live challenges, this is not always the case. Particularly with Marquee Matchups, the beginning of the weekly matchups will see many players competing. This might cause you to experience downtime due to overloaded servers. Waiting for a while will allow you to join when the connection is much better.

5. Check the Availability of Marquee Matchups

There are moments when you may think your Marquee matchup SBC is not working when it is working fine. These types of challenges are not always available and only become available on big match weeks. Look for the available matchups first before joining the mode. While on Marquee mode, Live challenges are only available for a limited time.

Another key thing to do while taking part in SBC challenges is to confirm all your moves. You can easily lose your key players through trade-offs if you are not keen. Always make sure you confirm what you have put on offer before receiving the rewards offered.

Losing key players will ultimately affect your progress and cost you more FIFA coins to rebuild. The above fixes are sure to fix Marquee matchup SBC not working.