Where are the wisp essences in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Dragon Age

You can purchase Wisp essence from Barnabus in Val Royeaux. Barnabus is an Orlesian merchant who sells accessories and other valuables from a stall in the Summer Bazaar. It is important to note that wisp essences for purchase will randomly appear. You have to keep checking and wait for your lucky break.  Note that you … Read more

What is the point of Slime Eggs Stardew?

Slime Eggs

Stardew Valley is a game packed with discoveries and mysteries to be solved. The game continually unlocks new features thanks to its progressive features unlocking engine. The primary items in the game will create newer produce. This is the case with slime eggs.  Slime eggs in Stardew Valley are eggs produced by slimes, a category … Read more

What is Dark Injection in Spore and what does it do?

Spore Dark Injection

Dark Injection is a huge mod available for the creature editing technology game Spore. This mod has outrightly become players’ favorite as it is packed with numerous tweaks that completely transform your Spore experience.  But, just like any other mod, you must be careful before applying it to your game. Here is a guide on … Read more

How to Redeem a Roblox Gift Card

redeeming gift card on roblox website

If you received a Roblox gift card from a friend, it is time to convert it all to the juicy virtual currency that is Robux. You can only do this from the Roblox gift card page online so don’t bother doing it on your smartphone or respective Roblox app. Go to roblox.com on any browser … Read more

How to Send Robux to a Friend

roblox giftcard shop

Robux is the money that runs the Roblox world. It lets you buy outfits, looks, games, and so much more. Earning it in the game, though possible, can be a bit tough. Buying it using real-world money might be out of the question to some. This demand makes it a great gift to other players. … Read more

Where is Robin’s house in Stardew Valley?

Robin the carpenter's house in Stardew Valley

Robin is a particularly interesting character to follow in Stardew valley. Her depiction is not typical or what you would expect of gaming characters. To engage with Robin in Stardew Valley, you first must find her. Below is a brief on Robin and where she can be found. Where to find Robin Robin is a … Read more

How Do You Join a Group in Roblox?

roblox menu for groups

While you could have tons of fun enjoying the vast funland that is Roblox, things get even better when you bring on board a couple of friends. Whether it is your offline friends or some people you met online, you will find it easier to organize and work towards a similar goal if you use … Read more

How to Create a Group in Roblox

no groups joined yet in roblox

Roblox gets more fun when you play with friends or in a community. A create way to create a custom society for your preferred play style is by creating a group if you can’t find one to join. Here is a complete guide on how to create a Group in Roblox. The only prerequisite is … Read more