Marquee matchup SBC not working on FIFA 23


Completing Squad building challenges is the best way to build a squad in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The mode is one of the most popular modes on FIFA. It is a form of mini-game that allows you to build squads within the game. You can eventually trade the squad you have built for various set … Read more

Can You Play Animal Crossing on Chromebook?

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing game series is one of the most played games across Android, iOS, and PC platforms. It is a simulation game that involves adventure, fun, and fulfilling quests that move you to the next level. You also get to interact with other villages and make friends with real-life gamers as you game. The Animal … Read more

The best 3-Player Games On GamePigeon


GamePigeon mostly features 2-person games, with some of the most popular being Gomoku, Sea Battle, 8-Ball, Poker, and Anagrams. But did you know that there are some 3-person games on GamePigeon? If you want to play a game via text with more than one friend, this list of  games for more than two players on … Read more

FIFA 23: Division Rivals controller bug

FIFA 23 Poster

FIFA 23 is still enjoying its early days in the market. Early access, however, means more glitches and errors. The more players experience the game, the easier it gets for EA developers to debug and fix major errors.  Different game modes have varied errors. Online modes will likely encounter more glitches compared to other modes. … Read more

How to buy Robux with Google Play

Robux on Roblox

Are you looking to enhance your Roblox experience with extra purchases? Robux is the sure way to go. Robux is the currency for Roblox and the best way to unlock the full Roblox experience.  There are several ways to get hold of Robux. The easiest and most common way is via Roblox eGift Card. Another … Read more

FUT 23 web app is not working? Troubleshooting guide

FUT23 web app

The Fifa Ultimate Team web app or FUT web app is a FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Edition feature that enhances gameplay by allowing players to make massive customizations to their teams on the go.  The customization ranges from squads, matchmaking settings, stadiums, icons, and reward packs. In this guide, I’ll show you how to troubleshoot … Read more

FIFA 23 Crashes When Opening Packs On a PC

FIFA 23 match

FIFA 23 crashes when opening packs on a PC, usually due to a graphics issue. The issue has been recurring since the initial version of the game. Our research found that the error comes from the graphics displayed just after launching packs, especially the gold pack. This indicates either an issue with the pack animation … Read more

FIFA 23: Controller Keeps Scrolling on Its Own

FIFA 23 Poster

A couple of bugs have been reported ever since FIFA 23 came out. One of them is where the controller keeps scrolling on its own. The problem can be frustrating whether you play on a PC or a gaming device. It is also harder to pinpoint exactly where the issue comes from. However, from our … Read more

Sims 4: Can’t Exit Manage Households Screen

SIMS 4 poster

Sims 4 is an interesting role-playing game that has a huge worldwide following. Players get to use their imagination to survive and thrive in a virtual world. A recent bug has made it impossible for the Manage Households screen to close when playing the game. There are a few reasons behind it, which we shall … Read more

6 Ways to Stop Spore from Crashing on Windows 10, 11

Spore game

In some instances, Spore crashes in the space stage on PCs, especially Windows 10 and 11. Several factors may cause the game to crash on your computer. In this article, I’ll explain what I learned about frequent crashes on Spore and what I did to troubleshoot and fix the problem. There are a few reasons … Read more